Bird-feeders blamed in bear’s death |

Bird-feeders blamed in bear’s death

Allen Best

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – Wildlife officers are blaming a resident who left bird feeders too close to the ground for the death of a black bear.The bear had become habituated to human food, including the bird feeders. Thus emboldened, the 120-pound bruin had become more aggressive, squeezing through a pet door of a neighbor’s garage. Once inside, it scattered garbage and ripped out sheet rock and insulation. With this aggressiveness evident, the bear was killed.The resident had previously been warned the bird feeders were too close to the ground.Hummers on the street and politicsJACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – A growing number of Hummers are found in Jackson Hole, and letter-writer Steve Gil says the huge SUVs have a connection to tons of things – who’s in power in Saudi Arabia, oil-well drilling along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, and so forth.The nation needs to free its dependence upon imported oil, he says, and it needs so be broadening the incentives for development of wind and solar power. Instead, he charges the Bush administration has allowed small-business owners to write off Hummers on their taxes.County reviews real old technologyHOT SULPHUR SPRINGS, Colo. – County officials are reviewing a proposal to heat county buildings with what might be called a giant wood-burning stove. The cost of such heating plants runs from $150,000 to $1 million, according to a sales representative of BioEnergy Corporation, with fuel cost savings ranging form 30 to 90 percent. To heat the courthouse would take 100 to 110 acres of chipped forest products annually.As the county is awash with forests that are getting old, with no local sawmill to speak of any more, county officials seem to be at least interested in the idea of converting a problem into a benefit. Similar conversions have taken place in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley and at Nederland, west of Boulder

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