Birthday brigade |

Birthday brigade

Back country Beav

You know what a drag it is when you’re in the backcountry and the flatland, downstream girl you’re trying to impress asks you some question you can’t answer, like what that stuff on the ground is? The first Beaver Creek Avalanche and Backcountry Awareness class of the 2002-2003 season is Thurs., Jan. 9, from 6-8:30 p.m. Head to the Avon Public Library. The class is free but space is limited and reservations are necessary. Call 845-6610 for reservations or additional information.

Prepare for Stinky Pierre

It’s that special time of month again for Stinky Pierre’s Intercafe. It’s 7 p.m. next Wednesday. Aretha showed up last month, and since this Wednesday is right in the general time frame of The King’s birthday. We’re talkin’ Elvin, of course. No telling what that might entail.

As always, people who want to perform can sign up at the door, or call Kim at 476-6610. All acts are welcome. And it’s free.

They said it

Frist Aid

“I can’t help but notice the contrast of the new Republican Majority Leader of the Senate, Bill Frist, at an automobile crash site to help the victims and get them into an ambulance, compared to the man who is trying to be the top Democrat, John Edwards, a trial lawyer, chasing behind ambulances looking for clients.”

– Political consultant Cheri Jacobus

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