Biz bits: Some news, some opinion and maybe a rumor or two |

Biz bits: Some news, some opinion and maybe a rumor or two

Don Rogers
Vail CO Colorado

I’m only doing this to shame the master, starting a weekly this-and-that column about our always fascinating and often quirky business scene. Some news, opinion and maybe a rumor or two, too.

Marketing Guy Mark Bricklin and I started talking about a column like this eight years ago. I wanted him to write it, as his voice is unique, informative and highly entertaining. He liked the idea, too – just never got around to it.

But he did rise for a mighty moment during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, sending in missives from the Games as only he can. You may remember reading about his adventures at the Olympics. Some readers tell us they are still laughing.

But even that shining couple of weeks didn’t translate as I had hoped into a regular column. So we’re back to the ol’ “if you want something done, best do it yourself.” And so here goes, starting with one of Bricklin’s famous rumor scoops that generally turn out to be mostly true. Most of the time.

The good folks looking at opening an Elway’s – Colorado Steakhouse at the Vail Lodge are scurrying to figure out how to do this. Apparently space is an issue, according to Bricklin’s sources. Storage space, to be exact. This could be a make-or-break issue on whether a franchise opens here.

In Vail previously, Elway’s steakhouse would have been over at the Steadman Clinic, where Dr. Richard Steadman fixed his knee and Dr. Richard Hawkins handled the shoulder repairs back in the day.

Nice he’s thinking fondly enough of us to this day to open a … different sort of place where meat is carved.

Who knew? The Bookworm of Edwards sells booze in addition to breakfast and books.

I never realized this, even with the evidence right in front of me every time I wandered over to buy a crepe and some coffee.

Then last week I happened to look up while paying for my breakfast. Wow, some interesting beer bottles. Oh, wine, too.

“When did you start serving alcohol?” I asked.

The nice lady’s eyes widened a little. Oh, oh. Dumb question. My specialty.

“Well, we always have,” she said, pleasantly. It’s just that few really knew.

I’m thinking, as a breakfast visitor, that this is a great little happy hour nook if looking for a beer not named Bud or glass of wine and having a nice conversation free of apres. Not that there’s a thing wrong with apres. It’s just that sometimes I like to hear my conversation.

Here’s what they serve, reasonably, too:

• White wine: Vega Sindoa Chardonnay (Spain) $7.50; Anselmi Pinot Grigio (Italy) $5.50; Selbach Reisling (Germany) $6.50.

• Red wine: Vina Borgia Garnacha (Spain) $5; Diego Murillo (Chile) $5; Luzon Verde Monastrell (Spain) $5.

• Beer: Hoegaarden (Belgium) $3.5; Pinkus Pilsner (Germany) $5; Sammy Smith’s Organic Lager (England) $5; Sammy Smith’s Oatmeal Stout (England) $5; Boddington’s Pub Ale (England) $4; Bass Pale Ale (England) $3.50; Stella Artois (Belgium) $3.50; Five Barrel Pale Ale (Colorado) $3.50.

Don Rogers is the editor and publisher of the Vail Daily and Eagle Valley Enterprise.

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