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Bizwatch: Action Coach business consulting

Business name: Action Coach Business Coaching.Local representative: Susan Roberts.Contact info: Phone: 970-453-9238. Web: did you open a business? I was a vice president at AT&T and took an early retirement. I was looking for a business to buy an this franchise came up. It was highly rated number one in the business sector so I bought it.What do you do? I coach small to medium-sized businesses on how to meet their dreams, to be more successful. Time, teams and money thats what I work on..Whats the biggest challenge in your business? I want to see people focused on the right marketing and planning. I spend a lot of time listening and measuring to see what works and systemitizing individual businesses. Ill flow-chart a business to see where the processes are getting tangled up.What do you want clients, or potential clients, to know about your business? Im confident Ill earn or find my fee by finding savings in your business processes. Clients get a three-month trial Ill refund your money if my service doesnt pay for itself. Ill come to you for a one-hour free consultation. I offer both group and one-on-one coaching. The group rates are very affordable. A lot of people think they cant afford coaching, and thats not the case. Ive lived in the mountains for several years now, and I understand the unique needs of businesses here.

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