Bizwatch: American Business Solutions, Eagle |

Bizwatch: American Business Solutions, Eagle

Business name: American Business Solutions.

Owner: Patricia Rouaud

Location: 1320 Chambers Ave., Eagle.

Phone number/Web address: 970-524-2400/

Years in business: Three.

What we do: We offer several services including payroll, workers comp administration, bookkeeping and “employee leasing.”

When we “lease” employees, we don’t find, hire or place them, but on paper they work for us. With a lot of employees, we can provide business owners with a better rate on workers comp insurance.

Why did you buy this business? I took it over because I was in charge of a similar business, and bought it when my boss decided to retire. I was the one running it anyway. At the time I bought this business I was in charge of administration for a company that owned several companies. I thought we could help other companies do the same thing.

And I like what I’m doing

What’s the toughest thing about running a business in the Vail Valley? The toughest thing by far is finding employees. I’ve only got a few, but it’s an issue for the whole valley, and it’s a fact for every single one of my clients. To be able to please an employee is the hardest part.

What’s one thing you want your customers ” or potential customers ” to know about you and your business? I want to get to know my clients. I don’t want them to be a number. I’m in the service industry, and I’m selling quality and service. I’ll bend over backwards to make this work for you.

What benefits does a client get from your service? They get dedicated service. I tell them, you’re good at your trade, but you don’t know how to run payroll or administer workers comp so give it to the experts. You can focus on your main business, which is making money. A lot of people don’t know what paperwork is required in their businesses. Using us, you know it’s not going to get screwed up, you’re not going to pay penalties.

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