Bizwatch: ECO Limo of Vail |

Bizwatch: ECO Limo of Vail

Daily Staff Report
Vail, CO, Colorado

Business name: ECO Limo of Vail

Date opened: July 1.

Owner: Jonathan L. Levine

Contact info: 970-331-3135

What goods or services do you provide? We provide local limo/taxi service at taxi rates and luxury limousine service to all airports, evening activities, weddings and night-on-the-town excursions.

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition? We only use hybrid vehicles. Our sister company, Hummers of Vail, takes advantage of the superior safety and traction of the H2 Hummer to perform similar duties when the weather is not cooperating.

It just seemed logical that we needed a solution for the average day in Vail. We currently have two hybrid Tahoes and one hybrid Escalade.

What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? What can your customers expect from you? A-plus-plus service. No exceptions!

Tell us a little about your background, education and experience: I worked for IBM, Anderson Consulting and several classified jobs in the Washington area, mainly dealing with computer programming, hardware and logistics. What brought me to Vail? I watched on Sept. 11, 2001 when a plane hit the Pentagon (It was not a missile!) and decided that it was time for a change. I originally planned to take a computer job in Denver, but for some crazy reason, I just could not leave Vail! I wonder why?

What is the most humorous thing that has happened at your business since you opened? When you are making sure the locals don’t drink and drive, trust me, every night is an adventure. Humorous events are a regular affair ” in other words, this is a fun job 99 percent of the time!

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