Bizwatch: Global Child |

Bizwatch: Global Child

Special to the DailySol Hovey is owner of Global Child, which has opened an upvalley location in Edwards. Global Child is an upscale consignment children's store.

Business name: Global Child

Location: 105 Edwards Village Blvd (next to post office), Edwards, CO 81632

Owner: Sol Hovey

Contact info: 970-926-4733,

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What good or services do you provide?

We are a consignment upscale children’s store. Our goal is to provide an effortless consigning experience and fun shopping destination for you and your kids. For shoppers, we are pleased to offer only the top items you demand for your children in an upscale shop complete with kids’ toy room (yes, bring the kids with you!) and in-season clearance merchandise. Global Child upscale resale is a unique consignment store in the mountains of Colorado. We carry top designer brands for children up to junior sizes including equipment such as sports gear, bike trailers, backpacks, toys, books and DVDs. We also have a great selection of maternity clothes,- nursery decor, baby equipment and more. Our success relies on your success. We look forward to meeting you!

What’s new or exciting at your place?

Our Eagle store located-at 115 E. Second St. (off Broadway) has been established for almost three years. We have built trust and-friendships with our customers downvalley. The Eagle store is currently being renovated and scheduled to re-open in April! In the meantime, we are proud to announce the opening of our new store in Edwards, and now parents upvalley will have a fabulous children’s outlet to find the items they need for their children from their favorite brands at a fraction of the retail price. Global Child is conveniently located next to the post office in The Edwards Village. The inventory at Global Child is ever-changing. Please bring your kids with you – they can play in the toy room while the staff of Global Child gets to know you!-

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition?

We provide a colorful, abundant atmosphere for moms and dads to enjoy shopping. Global Child has a kid-friendly space for your child to play as you shop. We have the largest selection of kid clothes and gear in the valley. Global Child is committed to addressing the demands of busy working parents by offering a drop and run service with no appointment needed of gently used children’s items as well as donating items we cannot accept to Health and Human Services. Our mission is to help parents maximize the value of their no-longer-needed, gently used kid’s items, in an easy, effortless manner. If parents can get their gently used kids items to our front door, then Global Child will take care of the rest. Parents will no longer need to set up garage sales, and then haul the unwanted items to thrift stores! Global Child will review, sort and sell. You can like us or check into Facebook and receive 15 percent off one item when you shop. Also be sure to check out our website at

What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers?

We want all of our customers to feel the joy in which the Global Child shop was created. Our goal is to sell recycled items to fill the needs of families at affordable prices during this economic downturn. With parents working harder than ever during this rough economic cycle, time and money have never been more precious to many Vail Valley families. Global Child is for parents seeking to cash out on their gently used kids items and in turn providing high quality, name brand children’s merchandise at low prices to new families. Global Child is the answer for parents looking to generate additional household income as well as parents trying to keep up with the needs of their growing children. We are one of a few establishments where you can purchase necessary items at a lower cost instead of having to pay full price.

Tell us a little about your background education, and experience

I currently live in Edwards. After attending college in Southern California, I spent the first part of my career in the medical business field. I was fortunate to-have worked with children in a pediatric clinic, which certainly was a window to the wonderful world of children. I also have the proud experience of being a mother. I love everything about children, especially when I get to dress them up or purchase a new toy for them! Their smiles just make me melt! They always add excitement and energy with their exuberance. And, I also love good bargains. The best part of this business is being able to help everyone maximize their dollars in these tough economic times. Not to mention helping families recycle their gently used kids things. Through these experiences I have become a “cool kid fashionista”

What is the most humorous thing that’s happened at your business since you opened?

On a beautiful winter sunny day the door opened three different times. Each time twins came in with a parent! Can you believe three sets of twins at one time? It was surely a twin world on that day, and so much fun! The Vail Valley has so many sets of twins – I have met over 10 mothers of twins since opening. I guess we will need a twin section soon.

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