Bizwatch: Ideal Health and Bioceutica |

Bizwatch: Ideal Health and Bioceutica

Daily Staff ReportVail, CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyCarolyn Connolly

Business name: Ideal Health and Bioceutica.Date opened: Ideal Health is 10 years old; however, Bioceutica is less than one year old both of them are new to the Vail Valley.Owner: Locally, Carolyn D. Connolly. Todd and Scott Stanwood and Lou DeCaprio own the companies.Contact information: 376-1768 or What goods or services do you provide? We provide customized nutrients based on metabolic functional testing to ensure each individual is getting the proper nutrients instead of guessing at what they are taking. We also offer additional testing for further health concerns such as hidden food allergies, adrenal stress, bone loss, digestive issues, estrogen balance, diabetes and cardiovascular. We are eliminating the confusion once and for all. Our product line also includes a breakthrough joint-support and pain-relief formula that has been endorsed by many orthopedic surgeons across the country. Bioceutica, our private-label company, provides private-label products to health-care professionals, health clubs, clinicians, spas, chiropractors and more. It is a turn-key program allowing us to expand our customer base and helping to improve the visibility and marketing of our private-label accounts. What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition? At the moment, we do not have any competition since we are the only company in the United States using cutting-edge science developed by a team of medical doctors, Ph.D.s, biochemists and clinical nutritionist to determine nutritional needs for better health and anti-aging properties by testing each individual down to a cellular level and then creating a customized formulation based on their test results, age, gender and years of scientific research.What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? What can your customers expect from you? Our mission is to improve the health of America and eliminate confusion in the vitamin industry. Every body is biochemically different and therefore needs different nutrients to move its health in the right direction. We are on board with the studies and reports from the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Harvard Medical School study proving that everyone needs to supplement because we can no longer get what we need from the foods we eat. Our food has changed over the past 50 years, and nutrient values have plummeted 30 percent to 60 percent in our fruits and vegetables. We also pride ourselves on customer service, and our scientific advisory board continues to ensure the latest science is being used to enhance our customers health. Tell us a little about your background, education and experience. I grew up in St. Louis, Mo., studied photojournalism and earned a degree in political science, which took me to Washington, D.C., as an assistant press secretary to Sen. John C. Danforth. The majority of my career has been in sales and marketing including in the television division of National Geographic. I have been a real estate broker for more than 20 years, locally with Ron Byrne & Associates for nine years. I am married with two young children, and we love our home in the Vail Valley. When I understood the impact I could have on peoples health with our testing and products, this business has truly become my passion in life.What is the most humorous thing that has happened at your business since you opened? Somewhere along the line of what seemed to be an honest game of telephone operator, the confusion came in on about the third party relaying their excitement of our process, and instead what came across was that our company takes the urine sample and turns it into vitamins! We do use a first-morning urine sample as it is the most comprehensive metabolic test looking back over several months to look at three key individual biomarkers and to see what has been absorbed; however, then we base the formulation on the test results.

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