Bizwatch: Kiwi Auto Repair, Gypsum |

Bizwatch: Kiwi Auto Repair, Gypsum

Business name: Kiwi Auto Repair, Inc.

Owner: Spencer Molloy

Location: Across from the Eagle County Regional Airport off of Spring Creek Drive.

Years in business: 10

What do you do? Auto repair, maintenance and servicing.

Why did you open a business in the Vail Valley? I was a mobile mechanic for five years before starting Kiwi. I wanted to settle in a convenient spot and provide an affordable service for the locals. Now with the growth of this valley and the growing population in Eagle and Gypsum we took advantage of an opportunity to buy a shop down valley.

What’s the best thing about running a business in the Vail Valley? We live in such a tight community that you get to know everbody and establish long-lasting connections. The flexible hours are a bonus as well.

What’s one thing you want your customers ” or potential customers ” to know about you and your business?

After five years in Eagle-Vail I have moved to a booming spot across from the airport. The new location is bigger and can accomodate multiple jobs. If you need to do a Costco run it is very convenient.

Tell us about the best day your business has had: It was a big snow day and I couldn’t make the drive to work so I went snowmobiling. The business had the day off.

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