Bizwatch: Mountan Esthetics Makeover |

Bizwatch: Mountan Esthetics Makeover

Business name: Mountain Esthetics MakeoverOwners: Karen Chandler and Linda BesmanLocation: Were mobile we come to you!Phone numbers: 970-845-7092 (Karen) for manicures, pedicures and facials.561-706-4034 (Linda) for spray tanning, makeup and massages.Years in business: Linda Five years in Florida and just moved to Colorado. Karen 16 years in Colorado, 12 years in Eagle County.What you do: We are a mobile beauty service providing manicures, pedicures, facials, spray tanning, makeup and massage in the comfort of your own home at a reasonable, affordable price using natural, organic products.Why did you open a business in the Vail Valley? We are licensed Estheticians who have studied the damaging effects the sun has on your skin.We realize how wonderful it is to have that tanned, glowing look without causing sun damage and wrinkles to your skin. We wanted to give clients a fresh, glowing complexion by performing facials, then provide a natural-looking sun-kissed tan with gorgeous nails, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.We wanted our customers to enjoy their beautiful tanned skin and nails and not have to worry about putting on their clothes and shoes and risk smudging their new tan because they have to drive home on a cold, snowy day.What are some things you want your customers or potential customers to know about you and your business? We are licensed and experienced professional estheticians, manicurists and massage therapists. We are running a special for new clients: 50 percent off your first spray tan (a $30.00 value ); you can receive 50 percent off a facial when you buy a manicure or pedicure.What is the best thing about running a business in the Vail Valley?The best thing is living in the beautiful mountain enviroment and providing a service that makes people feel so good about themselves. There is nothing more satisfying than leaving your customers home and having them thank you for transforming them into a beautiful, tanned goddess.

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