Bizwatch: The Old Gypsum Printer |

Bizwatch: The Old Gypsum Printer

Business name: The Old Gypsum Printer.

Location: 437 Railroad Ave., Gypsum.

Contact Info: Call 970-534-1015. On the Web, visit

Owners: Hugo and Jacki Benson.

How long have you been in business? About six years, but Hugo’s been in the business a long, long, long time.

What do you do? We can print anything that’s printed on paper and can order magnets and banners. We can print brochures and have a pair of old letter presses that can do perforations, die-cuts and sequentially-numbered copies.

We can also mail anything we print and can save customers up to two-thirds over their cost of just using the Post Office.

What do you want clients ” and potential clients ” to know about your business?

We’re a “green” printer, in everything from our lights to our ink. Printing is usually associated with chemicals. Everything we use is water-soluble.

We use biodegradable copier toner, soy- and vegetable-based inks, and all the paper we use has at least some recycled content in it. We don’t use photographic film, and all of our printing plates are recycled.

We’ve dramatically reduced what we send to the landfill, and we recycle everything we can.

Our newest press is computer-controlled, and we can have a four-color brochure ready to print within the first few copies we run through it.

We’ve been verified as a green printer by the Printing and Imaging Association for the Mountain States.

That means we’ve made a commitment to our customers to help them reduce their carbon footprints. The biggest thing you can do to do that is to shop locally.

We also have to be responsible community members. You have to be a good employer, too, and encourage your employees to give their ideas on how we can be more green.

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