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Black Diamond Bistro

Grilled Verlasso salmon with crispy ramen noodle and green onion cake, miso broth, Napa cabbage and summer vegetables. | Black Diamond Bistro | EAT Magazine Summer 2016
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Starters: $8-$15
Entrées: $22-$33

Contemporary with stunning views
Signature dish
Lamb osso buco with house-made spaetzle and butternut squash

The Charter at Beaver Creek | 120 Offerson Rd | 970.845.3198 |

Playfully elegant with the best scenery in Beaver Creek — that about sums up the Black Diamond Bistro in The Charter. The restaurant, which taunts diners with views of the luscious lap pool and of Strawberry Park, offers a Colorado-centric menu that tantalizes your taste buds with variations on favorites — that just might become your new favorites.

“The menu will evolve throughout the season,” says Executive Chef Dan Kent. He’s been with Black Diamond Bistro for three years and has a slew of top-notch restaurant gigs under his belt. In other words, he knows what he’s doing and he does it with delight. “We have a few signature dishes with lots of flavor,” and then he works in seasonally yummy dishes, as well.

Two of the signature dishes – pan-roasted half chicken and grilled salmon – are rock stars. Health-minded people are not supposed to admit to loving the chicken skin, but let’s be honest: It’s the best part. Flavorful, crusted in herbs and hauntingly delicious, it’s served with a side of razor-thin potatoes au gratin and seasonal vegetables. The entire meal shines. The salmon, with a cake of crispy ramen noodles in a beautifully light broth, keys into the gourmet ramen trend beautifully. This is a dish worth exploring and bonus: The salmon is healthy and sustainable.

Before the entrées, though, dive into the grilled artichoke, with sides of roasted pepper hummus and a light-as-air pesto aioli. It’s a perfect alternative to fries or heavy starters. For those who need a salad to start their meal: go for the avocado caprese salad replete with homemade mozzarella that melts in your mouth with Italian extra virgin olive oil and balsamic.

Desserts are another forte of Chef Kent. He likes to play with flavors and turn sweets around. The bananas foster cake just might make you bananas: almond cake layered with peanut butter mousse, topped with glazed bananas and a side of decadent rum sauce. Don’t turn your head because your dining companion might eat it all (true story). For a chocolate option — because who doesn’t want one — try the chocolate ganache disk topped with crème brûlée set beside a yin-yang of chocolate and caramel sauces.

While you’re basking in the early evening sunlight, enjoying the divine meal, sip on one of the restaurant’s signature drinks — a refreshingly different Charter Mule made with a local’s favorite, 10th Mountain bourbon, ginger beer, a healthy twist of lime in a cool copper mug; or give the Beaver Creek Lemonade a go (berry-infused vodka layered with lemonade). Sweet and strong — just the way locals like it.

“It’s a great value for Beaver Creek,” says Matt Paula, the manager with boundless energy, who has been with the restaurant for two years. Between the sweet deck, easy access to Vilar performances, complimentary parking and scratch cooking, it’s hard to believe every local doesn’t already know about this little gem hidden in plain sight.

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