Black widow bites Steamboat boy |

Black widow bites Steamboat boy

Allen BestVail, CO Colorado

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS For a ski town, theres a lot of venom in Steamboat Springs. Rattlesnakes are common not far west of the town, and in fact have been recorded at Fish Creek Falls, near the ski area.It turns out there are black widow spiders in Steamboat, as a 15-year-old high school student discovered when he was bitten when he was putting on his socks. The Steamboat Pilot & Today notes that a black widows venom is a neurotoxin, which destroys nerves or nerve tissue. It also causes a tremendous amount of pain. However, bites are very rarely fatal, said Mark McCaulley, the physician who treated the boy.

CRESTED BUTTE The proposed molybdenum mine on Mt. Emmons, the mountain almost literally in the backyard of Crested Butte, is now being called Lucky Jack. It was first proposed about 30 years ago, and the idea then was about as popular as skiing on rocks.It laid dormant after the market for molybdenum sank in the early 80s, but has roared back to life with the global boom that has put everything from cement to steel in high demand, driving up the price of molybdenum. Among other uses, molybdenum hardens steel.A representative of the mining interests was in Crested Butte last week to meet with 100 not-so-welcoming locals and a few guests. Among the questioners was Linda Powers, a shop owner and former mayor. Why arent you looking at other locations like China, where the product is most likely to end up? she asked.Clyde Gillespie, the project manager for Kobex Resources Ltd. and U.S. Energy Corp., replied that he didnt speak the language. We dont own property in China. This is the project we are planning to develop.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – Officials in both the town of Jackson and Teton County are preparing may elevate affordable housing requirements of developers. Currently, developments must have 15 percent of housing units devoted to deed-restricted housing. The governments are looking at 25 percent.We had 1,500 to 2,000 jobs this summer that didnt get filled, and we have to ask ourselves why, said Jackson Mayor Mark Barron, who owns a dry-cleaning business. I dont think we can sit on our hands any more.The Jackson Hole News&Guide reports that the town council is not uniformly convinced, but the comments offered by councilors suggest they will ultimately up the ante. The county commissioners ordered that all applicants in their jurisdiction be informed of the possible increase.

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