Blair Halverson, VCHS Senior |

Blair Halverson, VCHS Senior

Town you live in: Eagle.How long in the valley: 4 years.Have you been affected by senioritis: MAKE IT STOP!Future plans: I plan on enjoying my last summer with High School friends and family and move onto college to learn about game development and create AWESOME VIDEO GAMES!Fondest high school memory: Finding the most awkward friends in the world and becoming the most intense of friends IN THE WORLD!How your high school has prepared you for the future: To be completely honest, since I am going into game development… it hasnt helped me whatsoever, yet my speaking skills have increased over time I suppose.Something few people know about you: I have a secret liking for ninjas… sometimes I dress up in my authentic ninja suit and run around the city being weird (Plenty of people staring at me and it… is… awesome!)What makes you smile: I suppose just the fact that I can hang around people and be a freak and everyone laughs at what I say with my words and actions. This makes me happy in every way.

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