Blame game misses point entirely |

Blame game misses point entirely

Richard Carnes

Yes, today, within the confines of this very ring, you will witness – LIVE! – the combative babblings of entrenched fanatics from both sides of the always-under-construction political fence, as they furiously debate the topical issues of today and their related impacts upon us all, whether they really matter or not, and attempt to predict, through Orwellian means, the proposed issues of tomorrow.

Way, way over in the jaded green corner to our left we have the cynical left-wingnuts, each wearing an “I Love Hillary” button and carrying protest signs accusing the current administration of everything from brainwashing the entire American population by poisoning its water supply to a secret deal with the aliens from Pleiades to create a new world order under the leadership of Dictator Bush and his minions.

And over to our far, far right, some wearing neatly pressed Armanis with others in bright orange hunter jackets and little plaid hats covering their ears with basset-hound flaps, we have the ultra-conservative elephant lovers swearing never to forget the past while attempting to remember Reagan’s for him.

“Let’s get ready to stummmmmmblllllllllllllle!”

They meet in the dead center of the ring, nose to snout, or whatever it’s called. And the bickering begins:

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“It’s your fault! You did it!”

“Did not, did not!”

“Did too!”



“I know you are but what am I!”


“Say it, don’t spray it!”

Wait a minute, the jackass looks confused! He’s looking to his corner for help, but James Carville seems to have slipped out of the arena for another quick book tour! What in the world will the donkey do?

With a look of defiance, he turns back toward the elephant.

“Say what?” is all he can manage.


You partisan aficionados sound like a group of preschoolers fighting over who was responsible for little Susie spilling her milk during lunch when in reality all she did was trip because her mother bought her new shoes that were two times too big just so she would have shoes to “grow into.”

Don’t you see? It was her parents fault.

The Democrats and Repub-licans are so intimately intent on blaming each other for all the troubles under the sun that they are missing the proverbial big picture here in the United States, which is of course how could Michael please doctor, make me whiter than Pat Buchanan) Jackson possibly keep a straight face, while accusing an Italian record producer who represents a Japanese company that is the number one music importer to Africa of racism.

Today’s burros would have us believe that our current troubles are the direct result of legislative lapses perpetrated by the God-fearing, war-mongering Bush administration during the last 18 months, while the pachyderms insist they have been forced to deal with hangover effects from eight over-indulging years of Clintonism’s and Lewinskyism’s.

Listening deeper into the excuse-laden pit we hear the Dems saying the moral-free ’90s were caused by the profit-minded proliferations of the Reagan ’80s, who in turn blamed lustful PeanutHead in the late ’70s and his inability to understand economics, who in turn blamed Watergate, who blamed Vietnam, who blamed the Kennedy’s, etc.

The reverse blaming cycle, at least on this continent, doesn’t end until the mid-1700s, when all blame for everything was laid squarely in the lap of the British Empire who, 500 years after Braveheart, still had their hands full with rock-throwing Scots.

Of course, all this squabbling pales in comparison with that world-renowned love triangle of Jews, Christians and Muslims, who have been quibbling for anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 years, depending upon who or what you choose to believe.

But the repetitive redundancy is similar.

Nobody, anywhere, can prove without any doubt who threw the first rock or who settled where first or who made the first political decision for personal gain, but man oh man are we good at pointing fingers instead of accepting responsibility.

Can’t we all just get along?

That giant sucking sound we hear is not our liberties being vacuumed away by an evil administration hell-bent upon return to the good ol’ days of the Cold War, but a constant whirr of emptiness where once dwelled a populace of integrity.

All forms of government breed selfishness. Democracy, the best we have, breeds it individually, which in turn creates insatiable personal greed, which is why our economy has the problems it does.

Enforcement of accountability will eventually catch most of those responsible, but the duplicity of pointing fingers for political gain shows no more integrity than pointing out Billy’s extended left foot as the cause for little Susie’s fall.

After all, we already know it was her parent’s fault.

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