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‘Blazing a trail’ not entirely smooth

Caramie SchnellVail, CO Colorado
AE Windmills PU 3-14-07

VAIL – Patrick Marold and his crew have run into problems this week installing the exhibit. For one thing, many of the windmills were jostled during transit and need to be reassembled before they can be put in the ground. And digging the holes for the polycarbonate posts has been the other difficulty.

“We didn’t realize we’d be putting (the exhibit) up on a boulder field – it’s eating up the augers (drills),” Marold’s wife, Audrey, said. “But this hasn’t been done before, we’re blazing a trail. There’s no owners manual on how to do this.”Kelly Magelky, part owner of Filament Productions, has been filming Marold and his crew as they worked out the details for the exhibit and this week he’s driven to Vail from Denver nearly every day to film the installation. His goal, he said, is to put together a 30-minute short film on the exhibit to possibly screen in Vail and then to add to that film as Marold travels to other cities with the exhibit, ultimately ending up with a full-length feature documentary on Marold.

Magelky, for one, doesn’t see the tribulations the crew’s encountering this week as all bad, especially when it comes to the film.”I have to tell you the amount of drama that’s unfolding in Vail is phenomenal,” Magelky said. “They’re running into so many roadblocks up there, running into rocks because they’re not able to see where they’re drilling. We’re capturing these guys coming up with different methods of installing these windmills.

“The guys are getting beat up, but they’re all in good spirits.”

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