Blessing of a crash |

Blessing of a crash

Don Rogers

Timing was everything for the beer truck driver who crashed in Glenwood canyon the night before Thanksgiving, potentially saving lives from the monstrous rock slide that swept I-70 near Hanging Lake.Naturally, the State Patrol gave him a ticket for driving too fast for the conditions. They should have given him a medal.The Rocky Mountain News caught up with the driver, Ken Campbell of Utah, for a story Tuesday and found him with a bump on the head and a heart full of dread over the conversation he’s about to have with his employer, Major Transport, based in Minnesota.While CDOT closed the westbound lanes to get the trailer out of the way the next morning, a nearby cliffside came tumbling down. Thank God no one was driving below, as they surely would have been had the road not been closed to clean up the wreckage.The trucker will face the consequences of getting into his accident. But the good fortune that closed the freeway surely made someone’s Thanksgiving a whole lot happier, and we’re all thankful for that.Blinded by lossAh, we see the Dem faithful holding fast to the fiction that they were done in by a country full of redneck rubes. For folks who are so smart – just ask them – they sure don’t seem to get it.Meantime, they seem to have not noticed that the no-doubt bigoted dummy they despise so has a funny way of filling the ranks of his top advisers with more women, blacks and Hispanics than any Democratic administration did. Now which is the party of diversity? Seems this myth is so much baloney, too, at least with presidencies.D.R. Vail, Colorado

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