BLM awards $15.4M cleanup contract for Roan |

BLM awards $15.4M cleanup contract for Roan

DENVER, Colorado – The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has hired an Idaho company to clean up waste from oil shale research on the Roan Plateau.

The contract with North Wind, Inc. of Idaho Falls is worth $15.4 million. The company will remove 300,000 cubic yards of oil shale pile and move it to a new repository.

Colorado’s BLM director, Sally Wisely, says the contract is a key step in ensuring that Colorado receives its share of future royalties and bonus payments from drilling on the plateau.

Republican Sen. Wayne Allard says the contract came just in time. The BLM is scheduled to sell leases on the plateau on Aug. 14, which could bring in $1 billion in bonus bids.

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