Block parties to continue beerless, foodless |

Block parties to continue beerless, foodless

Cliff Thompson

Free entertainment, however, will remain.

The new arrangement will begin with tonight’s block party from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The move was made after a chamber board meeting Thursday during which restaurateurs Steve Kaufman and Clark Mercer of The Tap Room told the board the free products made it difficult to sell food and beverages.

The issue proved tough to resolve. It already had surfaced at the Vail Town Council chambers Tuesday night, but council members remanded the issue to the chamber board.

Twelve businesses near Seibert Circle, where the block parties are held, petitioned the chamber to change how the block parties are conducted. Kaaufman said he organized the petition drive after he was unable to resolve the issue with the chamber.

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“When you’re giving away free food and beer right outside our restaurant, nobody’s going to buy,” said Andrew Stratton of The Red Lion.

Product giveaways being made in front of businesses that sell the same items runs counter to the chamber’s newly adopted special events guidelines.

The block parties began four years ago as a means of attracting people to Vail Village, where summer business had begun to flag.

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