Blog: 2013 World Championships " competing against friends |

Blog: 2013 World Championships " competing against friends

John Dakin
Vail, CO Colorado

The FIS have officially invaded South Africa. The difference in the lobby scene at the Westin Grand Cape Town Hotel from yesterday to today is night and day. Where yesterday was a leisurely stroll to the front door or the elevators, today is a full on assault of languages and people scurrying around, trying to get something or somewhere faster than someone else. While we have been a part of this chaos many times before, it never ceases to amaze how some things never change.

We are truly running against friends for the 2013 World Championships. Benito Ferronato, who heads up the Cortina delegation, was the Women’s Technical Delegate for the 1989 World Championships. Aside from being Vail’s sister city, one of St. Moritz’s main campaigners is Martin Berthod, whose son Marc is one of the mainstays of the Swiss men’s team resurgence and races every year at Birds of Prey. Hans and Elisabeth Grogl, the husband and wife team that manage the Schladming bid are known to many in the Vail Valley.

The one thing the new lobby scene does provide is an endless supply of opinions on who will win and why. Interestingly enough, many armchair observers have offered that perhaps our strongest argument is that these are “World” Championships and that they should move around the world, rather than rotate through Central Europe, which has been the case for the last six Championships.

Today was focused on setting up our suite, where the individual meetings with the Council members will take place, and prepping for building the booth tomorrow morning. We have a candidates meeting tomorrow evening, which will outline all the rules and regulations for the week, followed by the opening cocktail reception.

All of our troops should be here by tomorrow and the meetings get underway on Monday, with the official opening of the exhibition booths slated for Monday at 10 a.m. We had a slight setback in the food side of things today as Chef Tim McCaw was laid low by food poisoning, not of his own doing I might add, but he’s back to pretty much full speed this evening.

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