blog: 2013 World Championships, tension is building |

blog: 2013 World Championships, tension is building

John Dakin
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyFIS President Gian-Franco Kasper (right) greets Greg Johnson, Jennifer Mason, John Garnsey and Ceil Folz at the official opening of the 2013 candidate exhibition area on Monday.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa ” The tension is beginning to build as we near the 24-hour point to the vote. The opening of the candidate exhibition area took place on Monday, with the official visit by the FIS Council at 10 a.m.

Everyone is very impressed with the Beaver Creek/Vail booth and the daily food and beverage has been extremely well received. If they gave out votes for the booth, we would be in the early lead.

While there is no shortage of friendly banter between the four alpine candidate booths, you can see the stress level rise each day as we get closer to the vote.

Meetings, both formal and informal, are taking place in all corners of the hotel and the intrigue resembles something straight out of a suspense novel.

The Italians have done themselves no favors with candidates for both Alpine (Cortina) and Nordic (Val di Fiemme) World Championships, and the rumor today is that they will pull one of them prior to the vote in order to give the other a better chance.

As part of the 2013 Beaver Creek/Vail campaign, you will probably remember that local area schoolchildren wrote letters of support to the 17 FIS Council members. The Vail Daily was good enough to reprint some of those letters prior to our group leaving for Cape Town.

The Spanish Council member, Eduardo Roldan, brought his packet of letters with him to Cape Town and is hoping to write short thank you notes to each of the students that wrote letters to him.

Now if we can only get his vote.

The mathematics of the vote have also changed as Michel Vion, the Council member from France is not in attendance.

By rule, there is no proxy vote and there are only 16 Council members. With an even number, FIS President Gian-Franco Kasper, the Swiss Council member will most probably only vote in the opening rounds as there needs to be an odd number of votes for an absolute majority and his vote will come into play in case there is a tie.

This may or may not bode well for us as France was always an undecided vote in our hypothetical tallies. Whatever the case, it’s going to come right down to the wire and it’s going to be close. We have very little margin for error and the next two days are going to be critical.

Spirits are high among the delegation, although the news of Earl Eaton’s passing put a somber note on yesterday.

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