Blog: 2013 World Championships " the booth is ready! |

Blog: 2013 World Championships " the booth is ready!

John Dakin
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the DailyAfter many trials and electrical tribulations, the finished booth is ready for visitors.

The Beaver Creek/Vail 2013 booth is up and will be running tomorrow for the official opening of the FIS Congress exhibition area. With the exception of a few minor meltdowns, the booth went together just as described back in Boulder.

The real areas of concern centered around power, as South Africa operates off a different voltage than the U.S. Armed with an array of transformers, converter plugs and power strips, our valiant band of booth builders tried to make heads or tails of electrical life at 220 volts, but the LED light banks, the real “wow” factor of the booth, refused to turn on. That was until yours truly remembered that the control box needed power ” a little know fact except to those who read the directions.

With the LED lights now doing their thing, we promptly blew the fuse on the transformer that would provide power for the monitor, DVD player and accent lights. Fortunately, the power gods were in our corner and the hotel was able to find a fuse that would work.

While all this was going on, another band of Beaver Creek/Vail folks was hard at work, helping prep food for the coming days in the booth with Chef Tim, now fully recovered from his food poisoning of yesterday. Although a day behind, everything is coming together nicely from that standpoint, and we’ll be ready to rock tomorrow.

So now, the real work of trying to win this Championship begins. With all the Congress delegates pretty much here, everyone you talk to has a different take on where the votes are going. The key is to not get too high or low, based on one conversation, although the next three days will be a true emotional roller coaster for all of us.

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