blog: Bowling over adversity |

blog: Bowling over adversity

AnDee Heath
Vail CO, Colorado
AnDee Heath

At the age of 27, I fell down 29 stairs, at a China making company in California. Leaving the upstairs breakroom, I put my hard-boiled egg, soda and change in my right hand, so that I could hold the railing, which was on the left.

In a China making business there is, naturally, a lot of china dust … very fine and virtually invisible!

Much to my surprise, I stood straight up, when I landed! Also, to my surprise … and dismay, I couldn’t move my legs!!! As one would expect, the sound of my fall had gotten everyone’s attention. They were “frozen”. In shock, I’m sure, at the scene they’d just witnessed!

Yes, when you get hurt IT IS LIKE SLOWWWW MOTION! A couple of ladies, closest to me began walking in my direction, with their mouths dropped, wide open and their eyes were even wider! When all of a sudden, a guy was at my side.

All I could do, as he took my arm to assist me, was shake my head “No”! He was Spanish speaking but it didn’t matter, we communicated with our eyes. He took off and, in no time, was back with a cot. He motioned to another guy, and they stood the cot up behind me and got me off my feet.

When the paramedics arrived, it didn’t take long before I noticed one of them had a knife and was scraping it across the bottom of my feet. I didn’t feel it!!

Three days later, hospital bound and paralyzed, the Neuro-surgeon came into inform me that at 6 pm, I would be taken in for surgery. Nope, Na-anh, no-way!

I told him I wanted to be released from the hospital and he said, “Sure. Walk to that doorway and I’ll be happy to release you.”

Well, I did! He couldn’t believe his eyes! After giving my legs electric shock and thousands of needle pokes and not feeling any of it! I was pretty shocked, too, but very thankful to the “Big Guy Upstairs”!

He wouldn’t authorize my release. I left against medical orders. I went to see him about a week later and his instructions to me “You must act like an 80 year old woman, for your own well being, for at least a year”.

My indignate response was, “If I ‘act’ like and 80 year old woman, for a year, I’ll be an 80 year old woman at the end of the year. No way!”

Three months later, I walked into my home away from home, the bowling alley. I picked up a 10# ball and rolled it down the lane. No problem! I went for a 12# ball and ran it down the lane, too.

No pain! I did the same, with a 14 pounder.

Straight away, I went out to my car and hitched up my bowling bag. I bowled 3 games with my own ball, 16#’r and felt grrreat! I knew, right then, I was going to fine. Bowling uplifted my spirits and brought me back my life!

Don’t think I got off scott free though! I’ve had a lot of theeee most painful cramps, in both legs, since my accident. It doesn’t stop me! As long as I can bowl, I’m a happy girl! Thank you sooooooo much, “Big Guy Upstairs”!

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