blog: Chick Flicks vs. Real Life |

blog: Chick Flicks vs. Real Life

Cynthia Wood
Vail CO, Colorado

Almost every girl (and some guys) love watching what we like to call “chick flicks”. We all know, movies like “The Notebook”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”, “In Her Shoes”, etc.

You know, the cheesy love stories that NEVER happen with a little bit of comedy thrown in sometimes as a sidebar. What happens in these movies never would happen in real life and that is WHY we love them.

A few examples:

Men never show up unexpected at your door step with flowers begging for your forgiveness….instead they call you at 3 in the morning, usually drunk, for the infamous booty call!

A man would never walk cross country for your love after only being with you a few days….instead they will avoid your phone calls and not return your messages because they are too busy playing video games.

A man would never play Peter Gabriel with a boom box over his head in your lawn….instead he just never gives you back those damn CD’s you let him borrow!

A man would never read to you from a romance novel…instead he would tell his friends that you were “crazy” but banged you anyway.

A man would never fall in love at first sight…instead he would just laugh at you as you fell down in front of your car because your heel got caught in the sidewalk.

And finally, A man would never make you a fancy dinner by candlelight with music playing in the background…instead he would order taco bell and the cheap bastard would make you pay!!

Does anyone else have more examples??

E-mail them to so she can share them with everyone.

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