blog: Chopra alleviated symptoms |

blog: Chopra alleviated symptoms

Meeting Dr. David Simon the medical director and co-founder of the Chopra Center for the first time was very scary for me. He is a medical doctor, a neurologist, and at the time I was trying to get away from doctors and find something better.

I think they call this the white coat syndrome. Dr Simon sensed my discomfort right off and asked me why my voice was shaky. I remember telling him I felt like I was in a hospital. Even being in his handsome office looking out at La Costa resort I still felt that way. After my medical consultation he prescribed for me a few days of Ayurvedic massage treatments to detox my body and calm my nerves. The first involved a Shirodara, which was warm oil slowly being poured onto my forehead. This was very calming and along with the music, aroma and whole setting; it was the first time a doctor prescribed something for me that had no bad side effect.

There was another time meeting David Simon that really sticks in my head. I think it was my third time going back out to California to see him. Funny how at this point I was looking forward to traveling 3,000 miles to see the doctor who made my voice shake with fear just a few months earlier.

I was hoping to hear some wise words to help me get my health back when I met him in his office. Dr. Simon’s words to me are still clear in my head “Rick, are you still meditating twice a day for thirty minutes.”

I had to say that I’ve gotten away from meditation, and then the only other words I remember hearing after that was to start meditating again and see if things get better. I wanted to hear more then just that but I also knew how important meditation was viewed at for everyone to do at the Chopra Center.

It turns out that it was the best advice I have ever gotten, it was less then a week later that I had my health back in control. In so many different ways meditation is the key or I call it my re-set button to keeping my health.

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