Blog: Confessions of a pizza-slice skier |

Blog: Confessions of a pizza-slice skier

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

I think I finally fully qualify as a Vail “local.” I hit the slopes and learned how to ski!

It started off quite the misadventure ” I was unable to back my car out of my parking space due to ice. After 15 minutes of useless pawing at the snow around my tires and much spinning-out, I gave up.

But lack of a vehicle was not going to keep me from the slopes, so I started walking down the hill, holding my coffee mug in one mittened-hand and ski poles in the other.

I finally made it to the village after a friend had pity and picked me up. We got booted, zipped and goggled up and headed for Eagle’s Nest.

I skied once a long time ago, and was pleasantly surprised that I took to it pretty well. I found it a mix between descending a mountain on a road bike and ice skating. Thanks to the instruction of a veteran skier, I didn’t have too much trouble zipping around the bunny hills.

But going down steeper sections, all I could do was resort to “the pizza slice.” I looked like quite a goof, and I’m sure I had novice written all over me.

The most thrilling, yet terrifying was the powder. Now, when I say powder, I’m talking about small patches of unsmushed snow that an average skier would glide right through. But those patches were enough for me.

It felt so strange to sink down into it and pick up speed. I felt almost like I was floating over waves. It was “Wheee!” inspiring, but I also felt pretty out of control at some points. My one fall of the day was going through some powder ” fortuntately, I didn’t do much “hitting the slopes” in the literal sense.

It’s gonna be an awesome season! Many people plan ahead so they can come vacation here maybe once or twice a year. I’m so thankful that we can ski on our lunch breaks and enjoy the slopes that are literally in our backyard.

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