blog: Do you have a horseshoe? |

blog: Do you have a horseshoe?

Karen Wojtko
Vail CO, Colorado

Heads or tails? Rock, paper, scissors?

Luck: either you have it or you don’t.

Last weekend I flew home to Chicago. I had a connection in Denver, from Eagle. I got into Denver early so I literally ran through the airport to try and make the earlier flight to Chicago. I did, barely, and was seated in an exit row with no one next to me. The rest of the plane was full. About an hour after I landed in Chicago, I got a call from United. The flight I was supposed to be had been cancelled. I would have spent the night at DIA.

I went to Vegas awhile ago. I was watching some of my friends play craps. I’d never played. The table was full, so when my sister was down and out I stepped into her place. The table got hot. I went way up.

Tonight I played poker. I haven’t played in a long time and I’ve never played with people I didn’t know. There were four tables of eight people. I made it to the final table.

So far in my life, I’ve found probably close to $100 on the ground. I once found $20 walking to the laundry room in college.

But luck doesn’t always last and it isn’t always there. I had a friend who once lost two $100 bills at WalMart. I’ve sat down at a poker table with friends, and after buying in twice, was the first person out. And, upon boarding the full plane seated in the middle on my flight back from Chicago this weekend, the power on the plane went out and we waited for an hour and a half before we could take off.

Luck comes and goes, but it’s how you make the most of it either way. On my flight delay I made friends with the people around me. We found ourselves laughing as the lights continued to go on and off about five times. I’m sure we enjoyed it more than the two men behind us who got into an argument about space. But, life always seems better when you have a horseshoe with you.

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