blog: Football’s back, pre-season games on |

blog: Football’s back, pre-season games on

Charlie Owen
Vail CO, Colorado

It’s Baaaaack.

That’s right folks, it’s the return of the NFL this Thursday night, with the first pre-season game of the year. Glory of glories, my beloved Indianapolis Colts will be playing the leagues favorite hacks, the Dallas Cowboys, in what is sure to be a snoozer of a game.

But who cares, right? It’s FOOTBALL, baby, and that’s all that matters. I don’t even look forward to snowboard season as much as I look forward to football season, and that’s a fact. What is it about football that holds me in a prison like some junkie, watching countless hours of tackles and passes and men running around with shoulder pads the size of my car?

What keeps me salivating over stats and figures, checking the disabled lists of teams and memorizing schedules? The truth is, I have no answer for these questions. Football is like art to me.

I don’t understand why I like it, I just do.

It could be the primal instinct to win at any cost and see your opponent belittled and decimated in the process, it could be the nail-biting excitement as a Hail-Mary pass is thrown for a win with only seconds left on the clock. It could be the pride that is invested in my hometown when my team wins bragging rights for being champions.

Or it could be that life is really so boring that watching men in tights run around with an oddly shaped ball is better than most of what I have going on.

All I know is I love it, and I never get tired of it. I even get mildly depressed when another season comes to a close, regardless if my team did well or not. I just want to watch football, damn it.

So, with tonights game, the spark is renewed. I will watch the second and third-stringers play their little hearts out, hoping that the Colts stay injury free the entire time.

I will watch as nothing truly exciting happens on the field for three plus hours. I will watch and I will wait, because the real thing is right around the corner and I can’t wait. I will watch because it’s FOOTBALL, and that’s the only reason I need.

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