blog: Growing up in Vail part II |

blog: Growing up in Vail part II

Christopher KlaschikVail CO, Colorado

Last time I was with you I was living in Lionshead. Still there. And my parents have the Hansel & Gretel. Between bumper skitching, taunting the tourists and getting into trouble for one thing or another, my friends and I would all have one thing in common. Skiing! We owned the mountain, at least we thought so. Riding the old chairs 8 and 9 in Lionshead up to the top was always memorable. One trick we used to play was once on the chair and at its highest we would make sure that there were tourists in the chair behind us (we always knew tourists. RENTALS!) and then scare them by hanging off the chair. OH MY GOD the child is going to fall off the chair!, they would yell. Of course, the betting would begin to see who could hold on the longest until we pulled ourselves up to safety. Once off the chair at the top we would ski away in laughter. Not a safe thing to do. But we did it none the less. Boys will be boys! I dont really remember getting into trouble from ski patrol or anyone else on the mountain. But Im sure we got yelled at for doing something. Cutting lines, going under caution tape to go tree skiing. It was all good. We new what we where doing, right? Then we would cut our old skis up and make minis. Keep in mind this was in the 70s. Nothing like they have now.During all these memories I wonder if by getting hypnotized I would remember more. No inner child for me thanks. Im very happy with my outer child, if there is such a thing. Not to go off on to much of a tangent but Im curious about this hypnosis thing. You see during my childhood in Vail I spent a good part of it in the house. Not my parents house and not the Big House, well there are a few that might think it is. But its the other house, the Lords house, the Almightys Sanctuary, Church. My parents especially my father were very strict Catholics. So it was off to the Vail Interfaith Chapel every Sunday. I started my career there as an Alter Boy. Seven-years-old and blessed by the Almighty himself. I could do no wrong. Yeah right! At first I thought it was cool wearing the white robe with the rope belt and holding the large cross above my head while walking down the center of the church. Ringing the bell after the priest held up the bread and wine and presented it to his congregation. Then after the first few Sundays it was like ripping off my arms and legs to get me to go. It got so boring sitting in our chairs next to the altar that trying to behave was anything but easy. Laughing at the dumbest things. Whispering to each other. Oh, that was a big no no. I always got the stare. You know the stare. That was enough for me! Now before I go any further I need to be clear that I have nothing but fond memories of the two priests I worked for: Father White and Father Mann. Father White had to be my favorite. Please believe me when I say it is very sad that a handful of Catholic priests did what they did to those children. Its very disheartening to find out that my very own favorite also was accused of such a heinous act. Again, I have nothing but good memories. This brings me to my point of hypnosis. Nothing and I mean nothing ever happened to me during my tenure while he was there. And hypnosis wont bring any suppressed feelings back from my inner child! Enough said. Lets carry on. I remember one time Father White was doing his Sermon and it went on and on and on. During that time he stood very still and my altar buddy and I noticed a fly buzzing around Father Whites head. We watched and watched until it landed on his head. Without skipping a beat and in a true instant he crushed this fly with one fell swoop of his hand. The Lords mighty blow! Left the dammed thing there until the service was over to. We couldnt help but laugh. Here comes the stare!So between skiing, school and church I kept busy. We all did. Then there was hockey in the Dobson Arena before it had a roof, cross country skiing on the Vail Golf course, soccer, tennis and Camp Anderson in the summer. Not enough time for trouble. But it always seemed to find us one way or another. My favorite hang out was at the General Store and the Sundance Saloon. Both in Lionshead. Yes the Sundance Saloon. During the day and after school I would go next door and learn how to shoot pool. Got pretty good to! Made a little side money to boot. Cool Hand Luke, that was me! See back then the area was so small like I said before that everyone knew everyone. I didnt get away with anything! It was all good. When my parents had some time off from the restaurant we would go across the street to a Greek restaurant called Costas. I loved that place. There was this Greek Sheep herder that would come down from the mountains and tell us stories about his sheep and what he saw that day. He taught me how to play my favorite game to this day. Backgammon! He would tell me that once I beat a Greek in Backgammon that I had mastered the game. Still looking for that one Greek to beat.

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