blog: Growing up in Vail part III |

blog: Growing up in Vail part III

Chris KlaschikVail CO, Colorado

I guess I need to reduce the size of these blogs. To much to read at one time. So here goes Before I attended the Vail Mountain School I went to the middle school in Eagle-Vail. My favorite teacher was Susan Rappsen. Excuse me on the spelling of the last name. I do remember she was my first crush. I think for a lot of us boys she was. Hot cha cha, if you get my drift! I used to sit on her lap all the time and she would end up calling my mother and telling her to come pick up your son. Hes all over me, she would say. Time for an apology, Sorry Susan! Blinded by learning. I saw her a few weeks ago at the Secret Garden which she owns in Vail. You look Great Susan!! Now I know why the crush. Ha! I plan on visiting with her again to see if she can help me with some of my stories. Hopefully her memory is better than mine.Not to skip ahead to much but after awhile my folks bought a place in West Vail. Way up on the mountain just behind Safeway. It was real nice. My bedroom faced I-70 and my really great friend Brian Bishops house. We would have a blast together. We also lived right next door to the Shlepers. You all might know Buzz from Buzzs Boots & Boards. His daughter Sarah is an accomplished ski racer for the US Ski Team. He must be very proud. I use to baby sit her. She was so cute. And know look at her. Wow, very cool. Good luck with everything Sarah! Anyway, back to Brian and myself. In the winter we used to build snow forts right along the road and throw snow balls at on coming cars. Also would have one of us stop the cars coming up the road and ask them if they saw a little dog down the road. All this while the other one would sneak up behind the car and grab on the back bumper. Get ready for a ride!! Some of the cars couldnt get started up the snow packed hill again so whomever was on the bumper would get up and help him by pushing. Pretty sneaky huh! Laughing while typing

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