blog: Immigration of the illegal sort: when the numbers dont add up |

blog: Immigration of the illegal sort: when the numbers dont add up

Marty LichVail CO, Colorado

My local newspaper editor ran a piece the other day titled “D.R.: Immigration’s a numbers game” In it he wrote that America gives out thousands of work visas, but we have millions and millions of jobs that our own natives have proven they cant fill. And to him I respectfully respond:I too have friends who complain bitterly about illegal immigrants and want them gone yesterday, and say build that wall now. And these friends of mine dont hire workers without a second thought as is sometimes proclaimed. When these friends of mine hire new employees, they run the employees work eligibility information through the federal program titled Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements or SAVE. The use of the Basic Pilot Program is free for employers, it is successful and it is utilized by those who do uphold the laws in our country based on Rule of the Law. As far as the border goes, we say build the fence as was already promised to the American people. Doing that in and of itself sends a strong psychological message. Much, in fact most, of this battle is mental, not physical. The illegal alien issue breaks down to simple math but adding 1 plus 1 does not equal 2 as editor Rogers writes, not for lawful American families anyway. Enforce the law and the problem would self-resolve. Do as I say and Not as I do resolves nothing but doing as Aspen Police Department did of late does add up. When ICE was notified that a self-proclaimed illegal alien was not only illegal in our country but had cocaine in his wallet and ICE refused to take him into custody, Aspen PD responded not with a wink and a nod, but instead with “We didn’t feel comfortable to let him go so (Aspen) police took Orellana into custody.Let me remind you, the man had cocaine in his wallet. It is a felony to possess cocaine in the amount of more than one gram. It is also against the law, criminal in fact, to enter America illegally under 1911 8 U.S.C. 1325 — Unlawful Entry.Here is one for dear editor Rogers, friend of mine. You ask, Why do illegals risk life and limb to come? And the answer is Because. Because we lay out the Welcome Mat with many rewards and little repercussions.Here are some simple numbers to factor in the mathematics game. The average illegal alien household pays $16 billion in taxes. But they use $26.3 billion dollars a year in welfare services! John Q Public provides that for them. We are John Q. Public folks. We taxpayers fund these welfare programs. This so-called Cheap Labor doesnt come cheap; it carries a costly Behind the Scenes price tag. Multiply this by the millions and the numbers compound. Middle-class America is strained almost to our breaking point. Our own Congress reports the following in regards to immigrants living in America and welfare support provided by the taxpayers. It continues to be the immigration policy of the United States that aliens within the Nation’s borders not depend on public resources to meet their needs but rather rely on their own capabilities and yet despite the principle of self-sufficiency aliens have been applying for and receiving public benefits from Federal, State, and local governments at increasing rates. Our American ideals are best served by balancing the work papers with the number of jobs that need doing, including in this valley writes my editor pal. Yep. But he omits the following. Each low-skill illegal alien household will cost U.S. taxpayers $1.1 million dollars over their lifetime per the Heritage Foundation on a study of welfare programs available in America, April 2007. And what happens when a local hears the following, as I did, broadcast on National Public Radio with our own Eagle County Commissioner Menconi as an honored guest? Well, I write about what I hear. John Burnett, NPR News closed his talk show with this statement; American employers are hooked on cheap immigrant labor, both legal and illegal, but a longtime housekeeping supervisor in Vail offers a cautionary word to the backers of a new guest worker program. She says back in 1986 when immigration reform granted amnesty to more than two million undocumented immigrants, guess what was the first thing her Mexican hotel maids did when they got their papers? Many quit their jobs and looked for better ones. And what did the employer do? Rather than raise salaries, she replaced them with new immigrants who were, as she said, hungrier for the work. And do note dear reading public, the 1986 immigration reform was for agricultural workers. Not hotel maids. America does give out thousands of work visas. In fact, talking in blunt numbers here, we give out more guest-worker visas than anyone in the world. The 35.2 million immigrants (legal and illegal) here in March of 2005 is the highest ever recorded two and a half times the 13.5 million during the peak of the last great immigration wave in 1910 per the Center for Immigration Studies. These are indisputable facts. To me, the mathematical solution is simple. Until our local, state and federal agencies can tell Americans exactly the numbers we have residing here and of those people, who is entitled to walk on our streets and who is not and what will be done with those illegal aliens who are intercepted one way or the other during the course of everyday activities, until then, no amnesty, no new guest-worker plan, no additional guest-worker visas. I will agree with Editor Roger’s final comment of the majority of Big Business and government having a Don’t ask, don’t tell attitude, but I will end my paragraph with a different statement. Remove the enticements and rewards of illegal residency. We, the United States of America, are a nation founded under the Rule of the Law. So we might want to start asking when it was that our countrys leaders forgot about that part. Because in doing so they also forgot about the lawful residents living here. —————–Marty Lich may be contacted at Marty will (happily) send you support data and numbers if requested. Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers can be contacted at*** Hire Bruno Kirchenwitz! He is a legal American (and former Aspen Times columnist) who has found himself rather unexpectedly fired ***Ref. 7-Eleven Clerk fired in wake of shooting Bruno Kirchenwitz, who wears U.S. Border Patrol hat, may have been target of gunfire after he left work June 26. News | July 10, 2007 —————–Ref # 1March 22, 2005. The Pew Hispanic Center study found that between 80 percent and 85 percent of Mexican-born people now in the United States came here illegally. Report is online at: The Financial Times, March 21, 2005, $16.6 billion of 2004 immigrant earnings in the United States was sent to Mexico. —————–Ref # 2 POOREST COUNTRIES CountryGDP Per CapitaLiberia$901Nigeria$896Zambia$887Guinea-Bissau$856Rwanda$816Afghanistan$813Kiribati$804Mali$795Madagascar$742Yemen$727Tuvalu$720Comoros$709Eritrea$701Burundi$694Congo, Democratic Republic of the$687Cambodia$671Tanzania$660Somalia$593Mayotte$545Ethiopia$519Sierra Leone$478 —————–Ref # 3[ ][ ] Mexicos Rich Dont Like To Pay Taxes They Think You Should Economist Gary Hufbauer of the Institute for International Economics; Mexico has tax collections that amount to only 14 percent of the country’s gross domestic profit, compared with the U.S. level of 25 to 28 percent. Mexico is the richest nation in Latin America when measured by GDP —————–Ref # 4—-000-.htmlTITLE 8>[ ]CHAPTER 14>Sec. 1601. Sec. 1601. – Statements of national policy concerning welfare and immigration. The Congress makes the following statements concerning national policy with respect to welfare and immigration: —————–Ref # 5 ILLEGAL ALIENS NOT PAYING FAIR SHARE OF TAXES, STUDY SAYS By Keyonna Summers THE WASHINGTON TIMESForeign-born people living in the region are paying their fair share of taxes, but illegal aliens and those with temporary protected status aren’t, according to a study released yesterday. —————–Ref # 6 [ ][ ] report, Immigrants at Mid-Decade: A Snapshot of Americas Foreign-Born Population in 2005 —————–Ref # 7 Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) ProgramThe Program also administers employment verification pilot programs that enable employers to quickly and easily verify the work authorization of their newly hired employees.For more information, contact:U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services20 Massachusetts Avenue, NWULLICO, 4th FloorAttention: SAVE ProgramWashington, DC 20529 Tel. (888) 464-4218 —————–Ref # 8 Illegal Immigrants Not Drawn by JobsBy Darryl FearsWashington Post Staff WriterWednesday, December 7, 2005; Page A11 A majority of Mexican nationals who crossed into the United States illegally in the past two years left behind paying jobs that, in some cases, are similar to the agriculture, construction and manufacturing work they find north of the border, according to a study of Mexican immigrants released yesterday by the Pew Hispanic Center. —————–Ref # 9[ ][ ] National Public Radio – NPRSaturday, February 21, 2004Analysis: Immigration workers in Colorado The transcript followsSCOTT SIMON, host: This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I’m Scott Simon. The national debate over illegal immigration is playing out in the trendy ski resorts of the Colorado Rockies. Towns such as Vail, Aspen and Steamboat Springs have become dependent on immigrant labor for service jobs. Locals say that native-born Americans won’t take the entry-level jobs. Critics say that’s because immigrant labor has unfairly driven down wages. NPR’s John Burnett reports. —————–Ref # 10[ ] Man’s wallet was coked upBy Charles AgarAspen, CO ColoradoJuly 12, 2007ASPEN For the second time in a month, Aspen police have arrested a man on suspicion of having cocaine stashed in a wallet he lost.According to Aspen police officer Linda Consuegra, a wallet left on a Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus turned up at the police station July 4, and police found four bindles of cocaine inside the wallet. Combined, the bindles held more than one gram of the substance, police said.Authorities contacted the owner of the wallet, Carbondale resident Jose Fidel Orellana, 44. When Orellana arrived at the police station Tuesday to claim his wallet, police interrogated him and later arrested him on charges of felony possession of cocaine in the amount of more than one gram, a Schedule II offense.Orellana brought his El Salvadorian passport to prove his identity; however, the birth date on the passport and his valid Minnesota license didn’t match.Orellana told police he was in the U.S. illegally…. —————–Ref # 11 8 U.S.C. 1325 — Unlawful Entry, Failure to Depart, Fleeing Immigration Checkpoints, Marriage Fraud, Commercial Enterprise Fraud Section 1325 sets forth criminal offenses relating to (1) improper entry into the United States by an alien, (2) entry into marriage for the purpose of evading immigration laws, and (3) establishing a commercial enterprise for the purpose of evading immigration laws. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) amended 8 U.S.C. 1325 to provide that an alien apprehended while entering or attempting to enter the United States at a time or place other than as designated by immigration officers shall be subject to a civil penalty. Comment: Further discussion of these offenses is set forth in Chapter 4 of Immigration Law, published as part of the Office of Legal Education’s Litigation Series, and as part of the USABook computer library. —————–Ref # 12[ ][ ] 4, 2007The Fiscal Cost of Low-Skill Households to the U.S. Taxpayerby [ ]Robert E. Rector, [ ]Christine Kim and [ ]Shanea Watkins, Ph.D.Special Report #12Executive Summary Introduction:Each year, families and individuals pay taxes to the government and receive back a wide variety of services and benefits. A fiscal deficit occurs when the benefits and services received by one group exceed the taxes paid. —————–Ref # 13 amnesty (IRCA) those who had worked as agricultural workers for at least 90 days between May 1, 1985 and May 1, 1986. IRCA also included several provisions designed to: strengthen the enforcement of immigration laws (including sanctions for employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens); increase border controls; and create a program to verify the immigration status of aliens applying for certain welfare benefits. Mahmud Abouhalima, a leader of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was legalized as a seasonal agricultural worker as part of the 1986 IRCA amnesty. This allowed him to travel abroad, including several trips to Afghanistan, where he received terrorist training.

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