blog: Life’s little lessons learned |

blog: Life’s little lessons learned

Karen Wojtko
Vail CO, Colorado

I just discovered I like stomping in the mud.

I like pushing myself one step further than I think I can go.

I think, then act, then realize I should have done what I thought. I’ve come to know that the best things in life are free…a glance, a smile, an experience.

To-do lists are essential and there is great satisfaction in checking off accomplished tasks.

Passion, as a professor once told me, is everything.

I love oranges but find the task of peeling them much too time consuming.

Organization is great but sometimes after I clean I can’t find things.

I’ve had nightmares about bears and skiing since I’ve been out here, but what frightens me more is not finding out who I really am.

Being in the mountains makes me feel small.

I could stare at waterfalls and running water for hours on end.

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