blog: Mountain Travel Symposium, Day #2 |

blog: Mountain Travel Symposium, Day #2

Austin Richardson
Vail CO, Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” Candy and prizes keep ’em coming back for more. Frequent trade show participants can agree on a few things: a bowl of candy at your booth is a surefire way to get traffic and the next best thing is to have an anonymous drawing where you can draw numerous times over the course of the morning.

Chances are nearly every person at the tradeshow as tried for the ski or snowboard in the fortune cookies. This combines the best of both worlds, cookies and the chance to win something. There were a few folks who handled the fortune cookies for quite some time looking for a new pair of skis.

Every 20 minutes or so, a female voice comes over the intercom, saying, “The are five minutes left in this session.” Or “it’s time to switch tables, please proceed to your next appointment.” The clarion call to switch tables comes after soothing tones from an ethereal xylophone. After an afternoon of these tones, symposium-goers know the drill.

At Mountain Travel Symposiums past, in Aspen for example, a big show is put on for participants. One participants mentioned that Aspen had a champagne fountain at the base of the Little Nell chairlift and a fireworks show. The Town of Vail is sponsoring “A Performance of the Season” at the Arrabelle’s big ballroom, stay tuned for more on this in tomorrow’s blog on “Super Diamond.”

Conversations from the night before follow the same pattern, “wow, where did you wind up?” or “when did you guys leave?” or “did you see that guy at the bar …?”

Some find the altitude pleasing, others are still adjusting. Take it from a pro, drink a bottle of water between cocktails, avoid shots of brown liquor and make sure not to imbibe on an empty stomach and you’ll be fine. The most important factor in this equation is to drink plenty of water. Dehydration at altitude is pretty rough.

Is there something I’m missing? Who’s gone swimming at the Cascade pool? What’s the best line you’ve heard in a hot tub? Only one young lady mentioned she read his in the paper. I’m hoping to double that today, with TWO!

Andy Calder, give me a shout out, I’d love to talk music with you. Not everyone has John Entwistle in their I-tunes, nor the new Kid Rock in their collection.

Web editor Austin Richardson will be skulking around the Mountain Travel Symposium with a video camera, looking for blogs and blog-related … stuff.

You’ll find me sitting at the laptop just behind the coffee station or milling around the floor with a video camera.

Ask him about is broken finger. He loves to talk about it. Reach Austin Richardson at or at (970) 376-8011.

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