blog: Mountain Travel Symposium, Part #5 |

blog: Mountain Travel Symposium, Part #5

Austin Richardson
Vail CO, Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” The Mountain Travel Symposium has come to an end. The final deal has been made (almost) and the slopes have been shredded, but not to the satisfaction of most, I’ll bet.

The snow couldn’t have come at a better time. And just when the snow was going sideways, it mellowed and became nice, spring skiing. Throughout the week there were happy faces covered in snow as they filtered into various workshops, seminars and panel discussions.

Once some of the booths were cleared out on Friday, the tennis courts actually made a nice landing spot for all the ski club bookings. No more sitting on the extended window sill. There were nice tables and chairs set up where some of the booths once were. It was cold for some in the exhibition hall, but for folks like me whose thermostat is set on “turbo” pretty much all the time, it was great. I start sweating if I think too hard.

Some of my overall impressions of the Mountain Travel Symposium were that next time the bathroom situation will have to be ironed out a little better. There was a line into the men’s locker room to use the facilities like the seventh inning stretch at a baseball game. Thank goodness there aren’t “troughs” in the Cascade like at baseball games. Oh the sacrifices these folks will make to be hosted in four-star luxury, in Vail, while it’s snowing like crazy out there.

Overall, there couldn’t be a better place to host such a large group of trade show participants. The Vail Cascade Resort and Spa is a great place to visit, work out, get some physical therapy, or play tennis. Oh yeah, the courts are being used for Mountain Travel Symposium purposes.

Lots of uber-cool Europeans at the symposium this year. I noticed that they didn’t really go to any of the talks or panel discussions, but isn’t that just the way it is. It’s just like high school … all the super cool, rich kids don’t feel they need to be a part of what “everybody else is doing” because they are JUST THAT COOL. It’s OK, what they don’t realize is that geeks actually run the world. That guy you made fun of in high school sold his business two years ago and retired. Good luck with your 401k.

I was dying to see what “Michelle Moskowitz’s Library” on I-tunes was all about, but couldn’t quite make the connection. In my mind’s eye I see her working for an East Coast ski resort, busy chatting away at the last full day at the Mountain Travel Symposium. Michelle has done well, she’s cruising on a Mac.

She’s sitting at her computer, after having secured an awesome wireless connection via the hotel IT staff, tapping away merrily as the snow flies out the window. She might be thinking of hr hometown and how the snow is the same, the only thing changing are the faces associated with the weather.

Web editor Austin Richardson will be skulking around the Mountain Travel

Symposium with a video camera, looking for blogs and blog-related … stuff.

You’ll find me sitting at the laptop just behind the coffee station or

milling around the floor with a video camera.

Ask him about is broken finger. He loves to talk about it. Reach Austin

Richardson at or at (970) 376-8011.

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