blog: My Chemical Romance ‘rocks my world’ |

blog: My Chemical Romance ‘rocks my world’

Maria Scully
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyMaria Scully is a Vail Daily intern. Maria is a student attending Battle Mountain High School.

“You want me to come to a concert with you that’s full of Emos?” My boyfriend,

Alan, asked me sarcastically.

“It’s My Chemical Romance,” I blurted, “they are so AMAZING! And Gerard Way


“You got to be kidding me…”

It may not seem like I am the kind of person to be into “Emo”, dark eye make-up, anarchy driven music, but the Black Parade band ” My Chemical Romance ” has truly stolen my heart. When driving in my car I crank up their tunes, scream the words, use my steering wheel as a drum-set, while bouncing around in my seat (not the safest thing in the world, I know, Mom and Dad, I know).

All of my friends think I’m a little odd for having such a deep passion for this kind of band, but I guess you can say that is what makes me exceptional. My friend Ieva from Vail Mountain School also reacts to MCR like girls did Beatles mania.

Both she and I met last summer and began a friendship based on our love for the band. Barely knowing each other, we went to our first MCR concert at the end of summer, and decided to get tickets for the next upcoming event. The concert was planned for a Monday night, a school night, yes … but we HAD to go no matter what. It turned out she had extra tickets so, like a good, loving girlfriend, I dragged my boyfriend along with me.

School that day seemed to move along like a snail on Lunesta. I was hypnotized by the clock, swearing the hour hand was frozen in place. My last class was math, and as soon as my pencil hit the paper, I ripped through the test finishing in record time, (I’m praying I passed). The bell rang and I sprinted home, refreshed my make-up, put on tight-legged jeans and skater shoes, (in order to somewhat blend in with the punk crowd) and was off to meet Ieva and her dad. We all decided to wear white so we could stick out from everyone else, and boy did we!

As we walked down the endless line that seemed to extend beyond the horizon and into the concert, we were surrounded by interesting beings, that were actually probably human, but we couldn’t be sure. There were some with black and red strips painted on their faces, even children with black lipstick and eyeliner. Fish net tights, black skirts with chains, crazy colored hair, and black nail polish galore floated around us like a zombie scene from a Tim Burton movie.

My boyfriend, mewling like a baby in all his macho glory, held on to me tight as we passed through the treacherous forest of Emo. I, on the other hand, was fearless for I had encountered such shocking creatures before. After a long, amusing walk we

made it to the end of the line and waited for the doors to open.

Slowly but surely we made our way into the doors and stepped onto the floor

in front of the stage.

The arena was like an oven. We began to sweat and the floor hadn’t even begun to fill. Pushing our way through the Emo creatures (which was, in fact, pretty scary) we inched our way closer and closer to the front row.

Drive By, a new punk band, opened first. The room continued to heat up, but I was not about to move from my spot to get water.

The entire crowd swayed, writhed and pushed. We each held onto each other tightly, knowing we were stuck in the harsh movements.

Billy Tallin, another new band, appeared next and the crowd grew even more anxious and pumped for MCR. People were jumping and shoving, swaying violently, with some hangin’ ten on top of the hands of the crowd. I was dripping in sweat, along with every one else I was smashed up against.

It was disgusting, muggy, sticky and awkward. Security guards in the front were squirting water into our mouths and soaking our hair and clothes in order to keep us cool. Instead, my clothes just grew even stickier and warmer against my skin. I imagined baby birds opening their mouths for the mother to throw up in their throats as we all opened our mouths in desperation for water.

How lovely indeed. I grew dizzy from the heat and gasped for air, but I would not let myself leave the wild, sweat-infested swarm; I knew that MCR would make it all worth while.

At this point it dawned on me: The one thing the really sucked about concerts was waiting for the band to finally make it on stage. We were dying, well, at least I felt like I was because of the heat and claustrophobia. It was as if the staff and bands were playing some cruel joke on us by playing annoying elevator music as we melted on the floor.

“All you need is love” by The Beatles began to play, and the crowd sang along but replaced the word “love” with “water.” “All you need is water, water! Water’s all you need!” The Emo jungle had turned into a singing, Emo-desert.

I was ready to give up; to leave and buy my own bottle of water and hydrate in the cool air outside, but the lights soon turned an orangey-red color and the crowd began to scream. I knew it was finally time and I was lifted up above the crowd.

I watched in awe as Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Toro, and Bob made their way onto the stage. I screamed and threw my hands in the air, and soon all of my pain was gone. They jammed out “House of Wolves” from their new album and I jumped with the crowd. I jumped so hard that before I knew it, we were all the way at the front. MCR was just a few feet from me, I could almost feel Gerard’s spit on my face.(Yes, spit is gross, but if you’re a teen fanatic, and it comes from Gerard, it is wonderful ” just like

our mothers felt about Ringo).

Gerard’s shiny black hair was draped in front of his face as he sang beautifully. Meanwhile Toro and Frank stood next to him, chiming together on their guitars. Together they were a young group of poor and misunderstood New Jersey boys changing the lives of everyone in the room that night. Even though we all were sick with heat, we danced, letting our hands wave in the air and our feet lift above the floor. We sang as though we were the ones on stage holding the microphone. It was magical to watch everyone in that room feel nothing but excitement and bliss.

The concert ended sooner than I thought, yet I was thankful to finally cool off and let my knees bend into normal position. Walking back into our car, I looked back at their tour bus, realizing that during the show when Gerard wasn’t lying when, after gasping for air following a tiring song, he said, “You guys are the best audience we’ve ever had.”

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