blog: Not everyone is into drugs |

blog: Not everyone is into drugs

Cynthia Wood
Vail CO, Colorado

Last Friday night I felt like a party pooper.

I wasn’t into socializing or even having those few drinks to make me get into the socializing mood. I left the bar early feeling like an outcast as the door guy yells at me to come back in. I walk through the village by myself while trying not to look like an idiot mastering high heels on cobblestones. I get on the town bus to go home thinking I would be the only one on here this time at night…boy, am I lame.

While waiting for the bus to depart I see this tall guy running through the transportation center, jumping over chairs, racing to get on this bus. The bus wasn’t leaving yet, why was he in such a hurry?

He sits down with a big thud and sighs. He mumbles something to me under his breath that I don’t understand and I pretend not to hear. Remember, I didn’t partake in those “socializing drinks”.

A minute later one of his friends hops on and sits beside him. Long-time ski buddies who haven’t seen each other in a while. The tall guy starts yelling,” I am going home to OD on cocaine!” His friend says, “don’t say that” and tries to change the subject.

The bus driver turns around a few times probably thinking the same thing I was. At first it seems like his friend is successful in changing the subject…but clearly he wasn’t. “I am going home and I’m going to do a lot of blow!” He yells again.

The culture here in Vail seems very open and outspoken about doing drugs, and not just weed. There have been countless times I have gone out and seen people walking around loopy with their eyes crossed and glazed over.

Clearly, not just alcohol induced. My good friend tells me how people will just come up and ask her for drugs like she is a dealer. I haven’t heard anyone around here having to get a drug test for work.

I didn’t!

Guys will just come up to you in the bars to tell you how their plans are to just go home and get high. I’ve even had a “mountain hippie” try to impress me with his story of falling out of a second story window because he was stoned.

“I almost bled to death,” he said proudly.

The only guy I went on a few dates here had the nerve to ask one of my co-workers where he could score some coke. The next time my date constantly asks me if I have ever done any drugs I will know to dump his fried brain ASAP.

Looking like Jim from the Office will just not be enough. What a waste.

I suppose I did grow up as a goodie-two shoes. I have been offered cocaine, mushrooms and ecstasy more than once…each I declined.

Cigarette smoke even offends me.

Even though I felt like a party pooper that night, at least I can say I didn’t kill any brain cells. I went home to enjoy a glass of wine while watching a movie about a lady and her dog named Pencil.

What an amazing life I have!

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