blog: Patriots are sore winners |

blog: Patriots are sore winners

Charlie Owen
Vail CO, Colorado

Okay, okay, so you beat the Indianapolis Colts in the battle of the unbeaten. Good for you. I look at it like this, though ” you didn’t beat Indianapolis, they just lost the game.

There’s a big difference.

You’re lookin’ good out there Pats. You are undefeated so far this season and you’ve beaten every team except the Colts by an average margin of 25 points per game. Whoop-de-do!

Don’t pop open that champagne just yet. You may have defeated Indy on their turf, but you didn’t prove you are the best team in the league like everybody thought you would.

All you did was play neck and neck against the Colts stats the entire way. Somebody had to lose that game.

It’s true, I was hoping that Brady got his facemask smashed into his throat during every play he was on the field. It’s also true that I can’t stand how New England is playing on all eight cylinders this season and everyone in the world seems to think they’re invincible. They’re not, and it’s been proven before. They’ve been beaten by the Colts in the past.

You would think that after beating the only other team in the league with a perfect record ” the only team that really stood in the way of their perfect regular season record ” that they would walk off of the field with smiles beaming and hands waving.

But no, not the New England Patriots. That’s just too much to ask from a team who is so used to winning that they don’t know how to handle losing.

After the game on Sunday, Tom Brady accused the Colts of having crowd noise pumped in over the stadium speakers to confuse and debilitate the Patriots offensive line. Wow.

This coming from the team who already got busted cheating this season. Come on guys, you won the game.

It’s bad enough to walk off the field with that serious scowl on your face but to accuse the other team of cheating just because you didn’t slaughter them … guys, really.

It just goes to show that sportsmanship is lost on a team like New England. Brady was so visibly shaken at points during the game, usually right after he threw an interception or got sacked, that I thought he was going to throw down his helmet and go home.

Take notes Brady. Manning and Dungy are two of the classiest guys in football today.

They remained calm and collected during the game even when they were losing. And they don’t accuse the other team of cheating or make excuses as to why they lost.

It’s alright Brady and Belichick, if karma exists then the next time you meet the Colts (which will happen in the post season) you will lose, and then you can make up some new reason why you won’t be going to the Super Bowl again this season.

24-20 is all you get to walk away with from this game, a far cry from the safe leads you usually secure.

Indy has heart, and you should be losing sleep, Brady, because perfect records mean nothing in the post season.

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