blog: Red Tail Camp; The long walk up |

blog: Red Tail Camp; The long walk up

Austin Richardson
Vail CO, Colorado

RED TAIL CAMP, Beaver Creek, Colorado ” The base of the Birds of Prey camp isn’t far from where the bus drops folks off, but it’s a killer.

The snow is soft and the going is slow, but it’s well worth the trek. The course looks icy in contrast.

Sports editor Chris Freud and I rode a completely full bus up from both the Bear lot, switched buses and then all the way up to Red Tail Camp. The bus from Beaver Creek to Red Tail was chock full of Gypsum Elementary School children.

We unabashedly cut in front of a long line of schoolchildren, along with a few red-jacketed members of a ski team speaking a Germanic-sounding language.

Lurching from time to time in transit, kids were were teetering in the aisle and generally having a grand time.

The press room at Red Tail Camp is full of familiar faces, greetings all around to the ski press congregated there. After several years covering ski races, there are a few common journalists working for magazines, Web sites and newspapers from across the country, and globe for that matter.

A “dirty-feed” from the .VS television channel is playing on a large television as the Super Combined race kicks off. A few members of the international press corps are hovering around the tube, absently alternating between their computer screens and the feed from above.

Mascots are roaming the grounds, Smokey Bear included. It’s clear that kids are a big part of the ski races. Good for the next generation of skier to experience.

The stands are beginning to fill and the cowbells signify that something good is happening.

Ski races are unique events. It becomes very clear very quickly that ski racing is very popular internationally, lots of languages floating around.

Dozens of laptop computers sleep while journalists and photographers ply their trade on the slopes just outside the press building.

You’ve never seen so much swag fleece in your life.

It’s a grand time in the mountains, stay tuned for more from Red Tail Camp.

The first 15 minute results are in, check those out in Breaking News.

If you have a story that needs to be told, don’t be shy …. drop him at line.

Austin Richardson is the web editor for the Vail Daily. Reach him at

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