blog: ‘Secular progressive’ movement eroding America |

blog: ‘Secular progressive’ movement eroding America

Marty Lich
Vail CO, Colorado

When we are talking about Mother Earth, this is described as the following: “Erosion is soil movement from raindrop splash resulting in the breakdown of soil surface structure and surface runoff; it occurs rather uniformly over the slope and may go unnoticed until most of the productive topsoil has been lost.”

So how about a country’s erosion? Change some words and the effect is the same: “America’s erosion is secular progressive movement splash resulting in the breakdown of a country’s surface structure; it occurs rather uniformly over the entire country and may go unnoticed until most of the country’s base has been lost.”

How can this be? One vanished item at a time is how.

Say you have elected officials who no longer uphold the will of the people they were elected to represent. That could be called erosion of our basic governmental structure, the one classified as The Will of the People.

If you allow illegal aliens who have broken our American law to remain here with no consequences for their illegal action(s), that is erosion of our legal system in a country that was founded under the Rule of Law. When you have county and local governments changing the title of a federal holiday because it does not suit their personal political belief that can also be a form of erosion in the history of our country.

So what stops a country’s erosion? People do. People who say, “Wait a minute. This isn’t right, or moral, legal, or ethical.”

People such as Mike Cacioppo who spoke up against the government employees paid day off, the one the public entities here called “Discovery Day” but is in reality is still a genuine federal holiday in America titled by our Congress as “Columbus Day.”

Citizens such as Mike Reid who were brave enough to say, “‘recall the elected representative who is representing his personal interests better than he is representing his elector’s interests'”, should be commended.

Are we on the path to the further erosion of America, a desecration of our citizen’s rights here, denial of our personal beliefs each time a half-truth is spoken, or loopholes are found and all the while being ever so conscious of politically correct wording?

Our public servants of this past century or two seem to fit the “Secular progressive” mold, which is as follows in a general descriptive terminology. They share more universal political beliefs. They believe in a world globalized economy and they support such items as taking larger amounts of money from the more affluent and dispersing it among those who have less.

Some groups are for opening national borders and building a European Union-style merger of the three countries of North America: Canada, the United States and Mexico. These groups believe in eminent domain or seizure of private property in order to devote it to public use.

Sometimes this is done knowing that the taken land will, if turned over to another private property owner for development, generate a higher tax revenue for the government itself. Lost ownership of private property is one of the biggest losses of our individual rights in America for this ownership also represents empowerment of the people. Without it we, as citizens, have little.

This is a fairly general description but I think you get the Big Picture. While following this train of thought, remember that one drop at a time these issues wear away at the very rights and freedoms we have as individual people in our country.

So if you have faucet that drips one small drop at a time it doesn’t look like much of a leak. It is only when you plug up the sink and return home to find it overflowing does the stark reality of just how much water is lost hits you. When we look in awe down into the Grand Canyon and we realize that this immense canyon was formed through erosion, it is only then that we begin to realize just how powerful those raindrops are.

One drop at a time.

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