blog: Stewart Mann and the Statesboro Review – Stuck in Here |

blog: Stewart Mann and the Statesboro Review – Stuck in Here

Andrew Fersch
Vail CO, Colorado
Andrew Fersch

Some albums fit their respected genres so well that they become synonymous with them. That’s perfectly respectable if you are say, George Strait, or AC/DC. If you are trying to make music that isn’t relegated to one type of listener, then you are going to have to put a little more thought into your style.

Stewart Mann is clearly willing to put forth this extra effort. In his freshman effort in the solo venue, Mann absolutely refuses to let himself be pigeon-holed as any one type of artist.

The seven songs on “Stuck in Here” are far reaching, luminous at times, melancholy at others, every song having its own heartbeat, its own message, aimed at relating a different aspect of life that a songwriter might want to tackle. Relaxing from the first few licks of “Lady”, Mann talks the life that you just have to believe he lives, one of sin and forgiveness, without more regret than necessary. Mann goes straight up southern rock with “Stuck in Here”, laid back alt-country on “Nickels and Dimes”, and pulls off pained country and rock-tinged blues in “Brink of Heartache” and “Please Come Home”.

Where Mann shines the absolutely brightest is on the dark and moody “Long Black Limousine”, with brooding lyrics, a stunning use of the piano, guitar, and drums all for effect, not to mention background vocals. His voice soars when necessary, always portraying the feeling of his song flawlessly.

Whether Mann chooses to head in the direction of any one of these or allows himself the musical freedom to pursue all of them, he certainly comes off as a musician who will always be true to the music that he loves, and thankfully he seems to love a whole lot.

Come check out Stewart Mann and the Statesboro Review this Friday, March 21st at 8 PM at Kirby Cosmo’s BBQ in Minturn!

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