blog: The Outback Steakhouse from an Aussie perspective |

blog: The Outback Steakhouse from an Aussie perspective

Lisa Perkovic
Vail CO, Colorado

The Outback Steakhouse is known to serve one of the best and most affordable, steaks in the Vail Valley. For an Australian living in Avon, the notion of a good, cheap steak in a whole restaurant dedicated to your home town is exciting. Along with City Market and Beaver Liquors, a trip to The Outback was a top priority upon arrival in the Valley.

A trip to The Outback is exactly that. It is an adventure into a darkly lit restaurant filled with wooden tables and booths surrounded surfboards, boomerangs and other Australian memorabilia.

As we are led to a table, the sound of a clinking beer bottles and some blokes chatting around the bar gets our hopes up. Listening out for an Australian accent becomes second nature when you are away from home. You are drawn to places and events where some fellow Aussies might be hanging about. Talk of a watering whole (bar), with a full liquor license and a reputation for good tucker (food), makes us hopeful.

However our spirits fall as the waiter, who looks a little more Mexican than Australian, informs us that this is actually “A Cajun restaurant with an Australian theme.”

The Outback Steakhouse provides what Americans might believe is a taste of the outback, but to the Aussies, it brings a laugh and several photos of the fine print.

Studded with glorious “aussie slang” like “Walkabout Soup” and the “Chicken on the barbie”, the menu provides a large variety of steaks, grilled meats and salads. Pouring over the titles brought tears to our eyes. After finally regaining enough composure to select ‘Victoria’s “Centre-cut” Filet’ and the ‘Chicken Cyclone’, we turn to the dessert menu and the laughter begins again.

All jokes aside, when the food arrives, it is no laughing matter. The steak is lean and juicy whilst the chicken pasta definitely provides a whirlwind of flavours. The serving sizes are huge and the complimentary rye bread goes well with the main course.

A large selection of Australian wine and beer makes a nice change to the traditional Fat Tire.

We finish off the meal with the ‘Chocolate Thunder From Down Under’. Although not really an Australian dessert, it was a sinful pecan brownie. For $5.49, it is more than enough for two.

From the “shelia” and “bloke” signs on the restroom doors to the ‘Aborigine Adventure’ children’s activity book, The Outback Steakhouse provided an evening of great amusement and food.

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