blog: The Warren Miller tradition in Australia |

blog: The Warren Miller tradition in Australia

Chris AnthonyVail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyChris Anthony appearing on the Australian television promoting Warren Miller's new movie and skiing in general.

AUSTRALIA It is one thing to be able to be a part of annual Warren Miller film. But it is another to have the opportunity to travel as an athlete with the film as it opens up in theaters around world. I have had this opportunity a few times in my life and this month Im in Australia bouncing around from Sydney to Melbourne as well as a quick stop on the Gold Coast. Im staying at the Park Hyatt which is amazing in its own right. As Colorado goes into its spring, Australia is moving towards autumn and people are thinking about snow. The timing is perfect to market Northern Hemisphere winter products to the potential destination travelers from down under. Entities such as the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort & Spa, Vail and Colorado Ski Country all have to recognize the importance of brand exposure down under and Im doing my best to carry their flag through an explosion of media opportunities.The catalyst for this media buzz is the Warren Miller Film Tour. The film and the name have a following in Australia that goes back a couple of generations now. This is the 58th edition of the film and the 21st year that it has toured in Australia. Not only do the Aussies love the film but they love traveling and skiing. They are basically addicted to anything that has to do with sport. In general, their media looks beyond limits of ball and sticks sports and tries to treat all sports with equal attention. It is so refreshing to see a swimmer for instance be as popular as Carmello Anthony or a womens net ball player get some love and perhaps be co-hosting a sports show with equal billing as that of ESPN in the US. The mix of athletes is diverse. Rugby, Footy, track, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis take front stage. It is beyond cool and allows for a sport like skiing to take front line in the mainstream media even a country that barely gets any snow the audience becomes fans of the sport and thus curious to see the Warren Miller film and than like all Aussies travel abroad. This week I have done an interview several sport talk radio shows as well pre-taped a couple of television programs in both Sydney and Melbourne. This has all taken place with in the first four days I have been here. I even had the pleasure of meeting one of soccers top players Tim Cahill. We spoke about his experience playing in the World Cup (where he has scored three goals) working through injury, as well as working with kids while we where hanging in the dressing room readying for an interview on the Wide World of Sports. Then I flew off to Melbourne and did several phone interviews from my Park Hyatt hotel room, ran over to take a look at the tennis center where the Australian Open is played and been lost several times in these two amazing cities. I have not even made it to opening night yet

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