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blog: Tips decided by patron, not server

Christopher Klaschik
Vail CO, Colorado

Hello all! You might be wondering where did the guy go that was writing about growing up in Vail in the 70’s. Well I have been laying low for awhile taking in all that my valley has to offer now. Some good and some not so good. That being said the not so good is why I am here again.

As a true valley local I currently frequent many well and not so well known establishments in the area. Most of all being the same as I remember. Some changing management or ownership but all in all the food and service is for the most part still on the high end.

With the exception of a few. One in particular. This establishment has consistent food and on the average decent bar service. But, like all restaurants here in the valley sometimes there are challenges in finding good help.

Since my return to my beloved valley I have heard mention of this restaurant and was told by some of my crones that it was a great place to feed the belly and sip on good wine. I took them up on the offer and since then have committed myself to partake in “noshing” at their table.

Until tonight. Now mind you I have been in the restaurant industry for a good 15 years (off and on) and I know a few things about service and food and what the expectations should be in the valley. What I experienced tonight has never and I mean NEVER happened to me before anywhere regardless of what state I have been in. Okay, okay enough with all that. I’ll tell you what happened.

My girlfriend and I sat down for dinner and had our usual glass of Pinot and where enjoying ourselves until the waitress drops off the bill. To my amazement as I opened the fake leather bound case which housed the damages and I see in her handwriting at the bottom of the bill “18% Gratuity which will be: $14.83”.

What in God’s name does this exactly mean?

What are you trying to tell me? Are you telling me what you think you deserve for your tip? Or are you telling me that every time I come in here I stiff you! I was absolutely shocked! As was my girlfriend. I could not believe this young foreign waitress had the nerve to write down what she thought she was worth.

First off, I will be the one to make that determination not you. And second if I was at a 5 star location that added gratuity to the bill that’s one thing. But by no means do you add your suggestion to mine. And that is what she had told us that it was a suggestion.

“Which will be” is by no means a suggestion! Its more of a pay up now sucka! Now if I was in a Italian joint in Sicily and my waiter or waitress had put that down then yeah I’m not stupid, I want to die of old age eating well and not having a belly full of lead.

But this is Eagle were talking about not Sicily.

This to me is an unforgiving poor judgment on her part and it has cost her and the owner two lost patrons. Enough said on to the next adventure.

Stay tuned!

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