blog: Waiting on the snow |

blog: Waiting on the snow

Cynthia Wood
Vail CO, Colorado

VAIL, COLORADO ” I am sitting here waiting for the snow to dump as promised.

I keep hearing about how cold and snowy the winter months are, but I have yet experienced it. I have been in Vail for six months. It seems like a short time, but it feels like a long time too.

Since my arrival in Vail I’ve noticed changes in myself.

Luckily, they are all pretty positive changes. I’m growing out my hair and letting loose!

The doldrums of Ohio aren’t going to get me down anymore!

I have more snow jackets and winter boots than I have ever owned in my life. Proud owner of my first set of skis as well. “Gear” as they call it here.

Instead of vegging inside during the winter months, I will get out and enjoy it! One thing I do miss though is the easy access to shopping.

A ride out to Silverthorne or Denver for a shopping trip is a special treat. I used to love to buy new outfits on a weekly basis, especially right before a night of going out.

I figure I am saving more money now, but as someone pointed out to me, buying all my winter gear just takes its place. It all adds up one way or another. Now I just get excited about new ski hats rather than cute tops.

I’ve been without a car, because I chose to own a Volkswagen, for about 3 months now and it hasn’t been much of a burden at all. Being such a small town, I can walk or take the bus just about anywhere. If I was still in Ohio, I would really be up that creek without a paddle!

I enjoy going to work without having to get “dressed up.” It makes getting ready for work very easy. Let’s save the dressiness for a night out in the village. I am also lucky to have a job that has a lot of responsibility while also allowing time for reading and catching up with friends on the Internet.

I’m also doing what I thought could never be possible. NO CABLE!! What?!? Yes, it has been almost a month now without it. Thank goodness for shows online and DVD. The only few shows I really care about can be seen online. No rotting of the brain for me this season!

A few other things:

– My vocabulary has grown with all the new ski and snowboarding lingo. I still have more of those strange terms to learn though. I’m expecting to be very fluent in the jargon at least by January.

– I now know the difference between a mountain biker and a dirt biker. Dirt biker on mountain equals bad, mountain biker equals good.

– I’m also lucky enough to be learning about different cultures and backgrounds first hand without relaying on hearsay or what Michael Moore has to say. A person with an accent isn’t one in a million around here.

I’ve noticed more people out and about in town these days. The bus is a lot fuller. Parking at Timber Ridge is looking a little scarce. Holiday lights are already on the trees.

This may be the best winter ever!

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