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blog:Bowling tournaments in Eagle

AnDee Heath
Vail CO, Colorado
AnDee Heath

As Tournament Director for the Back Bowl in Eagle, I have loads of fun!!!

To date we’ve had 14 Tournaments, since the end of 2006. Scotch Doubles, No-Tap, Ladies Only, “Rockin’ the River” and “Rollin’ on the River”, to name a few.

The next tournament on my books is “King of the Hill”. A male only, no-tap. A “No-Tap” means that on your first ball, if you leave one pin, it’s an automatic strike! Scores often reach 300!!!

I put together “Blastum'” and “Blastum’ II”, just completed on July 7th. Out of the 10 gents that bowled, there were 8 “300” games!

If that isn’t fun to watch, nothin’ is!!! Bowlers that typically carry averages of 160 or less, can bowl a 300 game.

For those of you that don’t know bowlin’, a 300 game is often called “The Perfect Game”. 12 strikes, in a row! Not an easy task by any means!

Durin’ my tournaments, we also have “Strike Force Pot”.

Entrants purchase tickets for a chance to bowl – 10 strikes across 10 lanes – and win.

The “Pot” had reached $345. On the 7th there were 5 tickets drawn, havin’ no winners, the “Pot” is now $ 390.

After bowlin’ 12 games, the field was cut to the Five Top Seeds.

In a “Step Ladder Roll Off” – 5th seed bowls 4th seed an’ the winner bowls 3rd seed, etc, until we have a winner.

I’m very happy to say that my husband, Curtis, was 4th seed. Josh Friesen was 5th seed and Curtis took the match. Curt then bowled the 3rd seed, Fabian Hermosillo. Curtis took the match. 2nd seed, Hector Soto. These five top seeds had bowled averages close to, or over 270 – 12 games!

Curtis went on to bowl the “Top Seed”, Mark Lovell, after winning, over Hector, by bowling a 300 game. Curtis bagged another 300 game to WIN the whole shootin’ match!!

To say the least, I’m awful proud of my honey!

This was one of the most thrillin’ tournaments ever! Everyone involved bowled their socks off! I can’t wait ’til August 4th, “King of the Hill”!

18 men are qualified and it’ll prove to be one of thee most intense tournaments ever!

Congratulations to all that placed! I’m really gald I wasn’t bowlin’ against ’em!


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