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blog:Discovering Chopra

Rick Freeman
Vail CO, Colorado

this is the very first post I made:

I want to start off my blog with my first memory of the Chopra Center on August 18, 2003. I was only staying 3 of the 5 day Perfect Health program to see if any of their stuff made sense.

It was beautiful being out there at La Costa Resort where The Chopra center is located, but I still found myself very nervous.

I didn’t want to go learn about all this new stuff when I was so sick, but I also didn’t feel like I had a choice.

I didn’t know what to do… Recently I was checked out of the University of Pittsburgh Medical center against medical advice (AMA). I didn’t want another long stay in the hospital and a seventh surgery like I knew was coming.

There was a hole in my intestine that got fused to another organ in my body, active crohn’s disease, and a partial blockage from scar tissue. After I got home from the hospital I used the internet to find some help and came across the Chopra Center.

After talking to people at the Chopra Center it all got together and I found myself there early with the doors still locked. My mind jumped to escape to La Costa’s hot tub when a young woman walked next to me and started telling me her story. She was from South America living here in the United States now for her safety. I never got her name but she told me how she was taking a friend Deepak Chopra tapes they wanted to borrow and ended up being kidnapped into the jungle for a long time.

Her kidnappers worked on getting a ransom while she was permitted 15 minutes a day to walk in a small circle and listen to her Deepak Chopra tapes. I remember her saying how she would repeat over and over how everything is possible.

She had story and a look on her face that gave me hope that maybe some of the things I was going to learn might help me out. I had no where else to go and the doors were now unlocked, I guess it was time to learn to heal. I never heard or saw that person again,

I’m not sure I would even recognize her again, but I do wish she could know how her story at the right time gave me the start to go on and not only get control of my health again, but to get certified to teach Perfect Health and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga so I can help others.

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