blog:"Evan Almighty" is mighty mediocre |

blog:"Evan Almighty" is mighty mediocre

Andy Fersch
Vail CO, Colorado

Steve Carell was a genius on the Daily Show. It all went downhill from there.

Starting with his scene-stealingly obnoxious and blatantly un-humorous portrayal of dimwit Brick Tamland in Anchorman to his overly awkward and unnecessary role as The 40 Year Old Virgin, Carell has not ceased to not amaze on the big screen.

Evan Almighty is his piece de resistance. It is the nail in his proverbial coffin, or in this case, big wooden Ark.

The poorly planned sequel to the last thing Jim Carrey did that was worth a single laugh starts off a little while after where Bruce Almighty ended off. Evan Baxter has recently retired from television to make the world a better place as a Senator.

His job moves him, and his very attractive family, across the country and into distress as father promises to be a changed man, only to bring more of the same old same old. His lack of appreciation for his family, coupled with his constant canceling of plans with them, and their newly acquired hobby of praying, lead to God (Morgan Freeman) showing up and telling him he must build an Ark.

Aside from the shoddy script for this movie, it is chock full of good reasons not to see it and very few that should convince any sane person to. The acting seems forced, the human interaction far from human. Comedy is strongly lacking, especially from a movie billed a comedy that has cameos from just about every Daily Show correspondent and John Stewart himself (not to mention a John Goodman role and John Michael Higgins – the guy who played the awkward acapella loving brother of Jennifer Aniston in The Break Up).

Evan Almighty is a perfect example of someone who is a very capable comedian (anyone who has seen Michael Scott on the Office knows this), taking a role which must have been offered to him for a great deal of money. As someone who greatly respects genuinely humorous people it is off putting to see this happen and it calls into question an actors integrity (and good common sense).

Steve Carell may not have sealed his coffin quite yet, he just stepped into it at the store to see if it would be comfortable before he bought it. If he signs on for another Evan Almighty, give me the nails God ’cause I’m gonna wanna be the guy who puts him in there and keeps him there for good.

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