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blog:New ball, new man

AnDee Heath
Vail CO, Colorado
AnDee Heath writes a weekly blog about bowling.

When I met Curtis, he’d meet me after work, at the bowlin’ alley.

One Saturday morning he called and asked if I’d like to go bowlin’…Silly question…OF COURSE I WOULD!

After four games of me beatin’ the livin’ daylights outta him … 198 average to his 117…he was UUUUUPPPSET!

Curtis is a very competitive person an’ the harder he tried to beat me bowlin’, the worse he got.

I caught that last dirty look an’ said, “Hey, would’ya like to beat me bowlin’?” As hard as it was for him, he put on’a smile and jus’ barely, shook his head ‘yes’.

I had to chuckle! “Okay. Then prove it and take that bowlin’ ball of yours and dump it in that trash can, right there.”

Durin’ the course of my slaughterin’ him, I’d found out he was bowlin’ with his junior high school ball. O’ my goodness!!!

He wasn’t 13 anymore … he was a man! Pretty nice lookin’ one too!!!

After starin’ me down a coupla’ seconds. He complied with my wishes. First he had to figure out if I was serious or not!

I took his very masculine hand and carted him off to the Pro-Shop.

“Hey Brian, hows’ it goin’? I need a 16#’r, Storm, I think. Drilled semi-tip for the fingers and full thumb … for Curtis here. Lets’ put the weight in the palm, off-set to the right a ‘bit”.

Pullin’ the Storm off the rack, I handed it over to “the pro”.

Some of these guys that drill balls aren’t always ‘pros’, but they surely like to be called one. Ha!

After Brian did his markin’ and measurin’, he started the drillin’. I took a minute to look over at Curtis. He wasn’t sure what was goin’ on, but I sure knew he’d ‘preciate the outcome.

Brian gave ‘im a bit of direction regarding the first few rolls of the ball and off we went, back to the lanes. I let him have at it, after givin’ him my directions, too.

STRIKE! First ball…STRIKE! Second ball. It was rollin’ real pretty for him but it wasn’t enough. “Aren’t ya’ gonna’ bowl with me”, he asked, with ‘challenge’ in his eyes! I took up my ball.

His first game was a 211. Best game he ever bowled in his life! He beat me, too!

Curtis is now caring a 201 average and listens to me when I tell him he needs a new ball and how to have it drilled.

Oh, yeah! We’re married and livin’ happily ever after. And … I still beat him, every now and again!

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