blog:New Castle tourney turns out well |

blog:New Castle tourney turns out well

AnDee Heath
Vail CO, Colorado

This weekend my husband, Curt, and I bowled in a tournament in New Castle at Burning Hills Lanes. Very nice house! Great staff and great food, too!

There were two squads and, naturally, we bowled both of them. A total of 27 bowlers. We didn’t do so terrific in the first squad. I hadn’t bowled in about three weeks, due to minor back surgery. Yep! That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it! Ha-ha!

I did better the second squad and wound up finishing off, for the step-ladder finish, in 3rd place, to my utter amazement!!!

Wa-whooooo! The only female to place! I wound up in fourth place after the roll-off and made forty bucks! Since it cost me $90 to get in, what a relief to win a little back!

My thumb was ripped up in three places but thanks to Nu-skin I lasted throughout the play-offs.

John Eaton from my house, the Back Bowl, won it!!! Congratulations John! It was his first tournament!!!

I had to comment to the other finalists, “Doesn’t it just upset ya’ when bowlers from another house win your tournament?”

Janet, the Tournament Director, a real cutey, stomped her feet, saying “Yes!” A coupla’ the other finalists told John… “You have to come back, next tournament, so we can win our money back”. We all laughed. Good sports!

We promised we’d be back ….

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