blog:Sprint: ‘Don’t call us any more!’ |

blog:Sprint: ‘Don’t call us any more!’

Anita DenboskeVail CO, Colorado

In an unprecedented move this week, Sprint cancelled over 1,000 subscribers for calling the customer service line too often. Customers were sent letters stating While we have worked to resolve your issues and questions to the best of our ability, the number of inquiries you have made to us during this time has led us to determine that we are unable to meet your current wireless needs, Sprint goes on to report that while most customers average a call every two months, some customers call as much as 100-300 times a month for an extended period of time. Wow, doing the math of 300 calls a month, 10 calls each an every day, figure on hold times of 10 minutes on the average, plus another 20 minutes explaining your problem and pleading your case, thats 300 minutes per day or 5 hours per day, each and every day. Maybe these folks just need someone to talk to, maybe they are lonely. I would hate to think of someone spending that much time every day for months on end in agony over a phone bill. But people have a love hate relationship with their cell phones. And with any relationship it comes with its ups and downs. When our technology doesnt work as expected, or our equipment becomes damaged and inoperable, the separation can cause anxiety, in some people to extremes. I have had customers come into the store stating that they had tossed their cell phone (un-named carrier) out the car window when they couldnt get a signal and drove straight to my store to by another because they couldnt imagine being without a cell phone for even one day. The truth is that people get emotional about their phones, and now if you get to needy you might get a Dear John letter. I wonder if Sprint Customer Care can get an unlisted phone number. Source: Wall Street Journal / RCR Wireless News Anita Denboske owns Active Communications, the local Cingular/AT&T Wireless Retailer,

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